Dad takes a death hit out of new bong

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Green_Life, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. SO i wasnt there but i brother was. HE was smoking with our dad out of the new bong he got. the female is laser difused and the double perk has three seperate prongs making a it a super difused double perk. The bong is almost 2 feet tall. SO my dad milks a whole bowl, till the cha mber is complety white. blows out the first rip than takes the whitey hit.....holds it in and than PASSES OUT drops the glass on glass bowl and shatters it. He lays on the ground for a sec. motionless than slowly gets up. My dad just turned 65! My step mom was so scared he thought he had a hart attack and kieled over and died. :(
  2. wow.. that musta been scary. sorry bout the piece though. did he just drop the bowl or the bong itself?
  3. DAAAAAAAAAD! You BROKE THE BONG!!!!! Jeez Dad I didn't know you took a hit like a bitch.
  4. lmao sounds like a scene from a movie.
  5. hahaha, sounds like something my dad would do in his later years. thats funny but unfortunet at the same time. poor bong, but i bet ur dad was feeling great after about 15 min. lol
  6. I'm sorry if he's going through any sort of medical thing... That being said I couldn't help cracking up reading what you wrote. Hilarious.
  7. Wow, just finished blazing two bowls.. you made me burst out in laughter lol :D thanks for that

    thats awsome...... I did the same thing...

    but I passed off the bong because I knew I was going down....:smoking:

    Your dads a Savage.
  9. Yea did he break the bong or just the slide. Lol i lovestoner parents, I hope ur pops is ok cause that would blow.

    Stay tokin'

    >- greens
  10. Damn thats crazy. Is he okay now?

    I remember when I smoked out of a bong with my Dad for the first time. He can take much bigger rips than me and he's pushing 60. :hello:
  11. tell ur dad to not take such huge hits. what happened was he didnt get enough oxygen during the time between hits. it will make u black out. it sucks. but nothing permanent to worry about. the hysteria of ur mom probably just freaked him out. when it happened to me i freaked the fuck out. first time smoking a roor and it happened. word of caution just dont take that many hits that fast. if u take a huge hit. let the thc settle for 2-3 minutes then continue.
  12. my dad rips his roor, but never huge, but always coughs. one time he actually did pass out from it for a second, kind of scary

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