Dad FOUND his BUD! from the 60's!!

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  1. Hey GC long time no post!

    Anyways, my father and I were going on a fishing trip up north so we packed up all our gear and headed out. We canoed into this huge lake and crossed it. At the other end of the lake was a river draining into a forest. The hike and canoeing took all day and we barely made camp by nightfall.

    We were sitting around campfire and my dad went into his old tackle box which had a film container in it for lures.... So he thought. He opened it up and shined his light in and saw GREEN. He instantly remembered what he had stashed in there 48 years ago when he and his buddies had gone to this same lake.

    We ended up packing a cigar that we had brought and passing it for a good 10 minutes. It got me high as FUCK. It was disgusting looking, but I hadn't smoked in a month so I said fuck it. My dad said it gave him the same high he got back in the day! Super relaxing cerebral high man, really really nice. I hadn't smoked ANYTHING like that shit before. We fried up some lake trout and munched the fuck out while talking and then we passed out.

    TL;DR: Dad found bud from 1960 and we smoked it, best night ever!
  2. That's pretty fuckin sweet if you ask me.
  3. Wish my dad still blazed ahah, One day I will blaze with him
  4. Bud was alot better back then.

    You just smoked some exclusive bud thats equivalent to this:

    Aged and Rare

  5. Damn, now I want to find out how to aquire and smoke oldschool strains.
  6. Dam man exelent story I wish I could do that w/ my pops.
  7. Buds are much better nowadays...

    This is really hard to believe that it didn't decompose..
  8. Haha that is a cool story.
  9. Well it was pretty gnarley, definitely not decomposed. Considering it was in a film container, and an airtight tacklebox, and in a shed on the family farm that is below freezing 4 months of the year (so in reality its more like its been sitting for 10 years) its not really suprising it didnt turn to dust
  10. That's so awesome! I'd love to try bud from the 60's just to see what my parents were smoking :smoke:
  11. Dude.

    I keep my weed in a tacklebox.

    Maybe this will happen with my kid one day...

  12. thats so cool

    how did it taste?:smoke:
  13. ^ yeah i was wondering about the taste too that's sick! your dads the man!
  14. Sounds like a hell of a trip. Definitely sounds worth the wait.
  15. hah ha.. NICE.. i once had the pleasure of smoking some 1 yr old cured AK47 that shit was intense can only image how high you were..
  16. Damn i wissssh you took a pic, i wanna see bud that old.
  17. Was this the first time you had gotten high with your dad? If so, was it awkward?
  18. 48 years. Damn, I would put that on a job app lmao. "Smoked bud that was 48 years old, got me baked pretty good." No, I am completely sober.
  19. good story to read while smoking a j i like fishing myself props to op.
  20. what the hell are you talking about? I dont think so.

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