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  1. Quick Summary: Awesome vape, i like it better than the volcano, only ~170, great efficiency, sick.

    This is my review for the Da Buddha Vaporizer. (Da Buddha Herbal Vaporizer)
    Da Buddhas are made by SilverSurferVap (Silver Surfer Herbal Vaporizer Oil Diffuser/ Ceramic heater). They both share the same internals and same system, but the SSV is more customizable in regards to color, and glass accents. The Da Buddha is basically a less ascetically appealing SSV for 100 bucks less. It comes in silver or black, and you can buy accessories such as wands, mouthpieces, glass knobs, etc for it.

    I received my Da Buddha Vaporizer today:
    It is by far the best vaporizer i have used. I have used a volcano, which many regard as the best, many times, and the Da Buddha is better.

    I ordered the vaporizer last Wednesday at night and Received it in the mail today. Sadly, upon arrival, the glass heat cover had a piece broken off. Whats funny is that it was packaged very well, and the case kit comes in is very padded, not sure how this happened.
    Anyways I called 7th Floor LLC (people who make the SSV and the DaBuddha) and they said they will send me a new heat cover free of charge if I email them a picture. Perfect.
    Whats even better is even with the heat cover missing a piece the vap still works, so no need to wait!
    Also, not sure if this was a mistake on their part or a gift, they sent me a black one when i didn't pay the extra 20 bucks for the black color choice, sick.

    Cost: I paid 159.99 plus 12.50 for shipping. There is also ups ground available for 8.50

    What it comes with:
    -Funky carrying bag that has plenty of pockets and lots of padding, good for carrying and storage
    -3 extra screens
    -poker with a glass marble on the end
    -wand pre loaded with a screen

    Set up:
    Its easy and has a 10 foot cord. Plug it in, turn to your desired setting and wait 3-5 min for heat up. It took me about 10 minutes to really dial in my favorite setting (the 4 o'clock position on the dial).

    All you have to do to prep the weed is break it up and fill the end of the wand about 1/4 with bud.

    Usage: All you do, once heated, is put the wand into the heat cover (glass on glass fit, don't need to hold the wand while its connected) and inhale on the other end of the tube through the mouth piece.

    You'll want to hold your hits in for as long as possible. A bigger hit that you don't hold in wont do any better than a small hit you hold in for a while.

    Smell: It has a light odor to it. Once you find your heat setting, you shouldn't have any smoke, just occasionally a very light white exhale. The odor a volcano produces I would say is the same as the odor the DaBuddha produces.

    The high: I get by far more high off this than any other vaporizer Ive ever used (volcano and others not worth mentioning). .2 Got me and 4 buddies high as hell for nearly 4 hours. I own a red label beaker Roor and a double tree perc Feuer as well. Both work amazingly. The high is easily in competition with my two bongs. Very much a head high.

    Efficiency: .2 is enough to get 5 people very high. Awesome. This is one of the best part!

    If you have any other question, feel free. I will give an extended update after i smoke this thing for a few more days.
    Pictures will be coming when i break out the digital camera.

    Extended Review:

    I have been using the dabuddha daily since 2/2 and figured id follow up a bit on how it has performed.

    7th Floor LLC, the company behind the DBV and SSv, did send me the new heat cover, free of charge, and very well packaged.

    I have been using the shit out of this thing. It is even better than i thought a week ago. Now that i have really found the right temperature for most bud that has gone through it (3 oclock position) there is barely any smell at all. I can't tell you how high this thing gets me, it's incredible. I can smoke .2 with 4 people and all get extremely high. .2 in the DBV can last easily 15 minutes of smoking between many people. Instead of smoking a gram with 3 friends and getting high once, seriously, we can get high 5 times. Its awesome!

    I'm going to order the aroma top, ill review that later on. Hopefully it will be a nice way to keep the room smelling great.

    -Inversed :smoking:
  2. Wow nice review. You have convinced me to invest in a vape. +rep

  3. Thanks. This thing is amazing, i cant express to you guys how much this is the sickest smoking device ive ever owned.
  4. I've been waiting for someone to do a review like this! Well done +rep for sure. One thing i don't get is how does the weed not fall into the thing when the whip is on it? The whip is upside down right? Thanks and grats on the vape buddy.:hippie:

  5. I really need to charge my digital camera so i could show you.
    How it works is the wand has a screen in an hourglass shaped narrowing. To put it in you just push it down with the include poker, stays in there great, and mine has been in there for a week with no need yet to be replaced. So when you inhale the weed just gets sucked against the screen.
    When you put the weed in the wand, you just put a small bit in the end, so when you tip it nothing falls out.

    Thanks for +reps, i have returned them.
  6. OOH aroma top. so jealous. I did not know they made one for the buddah...
  7. Wow nice review. You have convinced me to invest in a vape. +rep

    Yup, vapes are the way to go. Especially to smoke keif !! :smoking::smoking: Gets you ripped.

    Nice review also man, ++ rep
  8. i think your review convinced me to buy one. + rep
  9. Cool man, I've still never even tried a vaporizer before
  10. Thanks guys, you really can't go wrong investing in one of these. Got my new grinder today, helps a lot. One thing you really need to invest in for the SSv and DBV. More surface area = more thc to vaporizer!
  11. Wow awesome review inversed! I have been looking around for a good, bang for your buck vap and i think i have found it, thanks alot!
  12. Just got one maybe 2-3 days ago from my local shop. Amazing vape. I actually had my name down for a silversurfer, came in one day to see if it was back in stock, and laid my eyes on Da Budda. Very very nice piece, love that it's the same internals as the SSV. Gets me kite
  13. Unless it was a typo, you're vaping WAY TOO HOT. The 3 or 4 o-clock position on my DBV combusts the ganja. I typically vape at about the 11- 11:30 position. Try starting much lower than you think you need and very slowly work your way up until the herb is light brown. That's about where you should keep it.
  14. Just ordered one today. Your review is AWESOME! +rep :wave:
  15. Because of the way they're assembled, every SSV and DBV will have a slightly different temperature at different settings.

    Other factors, such as draw speed, also influence the temperature of the air as it passes over the herbs. This means that if he has a unit that's slightly skewed and he also likes to draw fast, the perfect draw spot FOR HIM could be around 4.

    Just saying, it seems like he's done a good job analyzing the vape, so he's probably not combusting.

    Nice review, by the way!
  16. I am definitely getting myself one for christmas...or earlier i don't think i can wait lol
  17. what do you put in the aroma top? and when is the aroma top review coming? im thinking about getting one.
  18. Im wondering..cause i still cant get these right.

    What do you mean by a head high? Sativa like? or what exactly is it? Ive never vaped before and have been waiting until i can try one out before i even think about buying. Who knows i may not like the high...Just wondering. Thanks and congrats on the purchase!:hello:
  19. The reason you get a more "cerebral" high is because you're only getting THC when you vape. The cannabinoids stay in the plant matter, and those are what give you a more couchlock stone. Sativas have more THC to cannabinoids than indicas, which is the reason for the different highs. Vape a nice stong sativa and hold onto your brain :eek:

    Also, guys with the vapes and bongs....order an extra whip, and put one in place of the mouthpiece, then put that whip in place of a bowl in your bong. Nothin like bong vape rips :smoke:

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