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Dabs from rig or in a vape pen? whats best?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by darthjew15, Jan 26, 2014.

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    I dab strictly under the idea that it's the best bang for your buck. you take a tiny glob heat the nail of a rig and dab away. but the idea of a vape pen seems awesome though it seems like you use way more way that way packing those little electronic nails. I've seen cheap ones seen some nice ones atoms raw and such. those who've and use vape pens and dabbed can you tell me whats best for your $$$? and your high
  2. An oil rig with a nice nail will get you the most bang for your buck, however those rigs start at $100 for a cheap one and the price keeps going up after that.So if you are broke like me. A pen would be a nice alternative Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3. Someone was telling me recently that dabs from a piece are worse for you than out of a pen, anyone know anything about that?
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    I dab with a rig I had a bigger basic one but now I have a very small glass water pipe with a dome. I love dabbing it doesn't really smell I can do it in the bathroom at my job but as you can see I would much prefer a little pen. The pen is the next investment i'm worried about more so how much wax I really blow through that thing.
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    I've done as much internet research on dabs from before I started till this day I just like to know. I don't think the butane is anything to be worried about, I mean we smoke weed through pipes all the time with what? a butane lighter. (granted some like their rope and stuff) I have come to a conclusion it's the actual heat from the nail. you shouldn't dab with a red hot nail depending on it's size it sends the smoke MUCH hotter down you're throat than it needs to be. Ice helps a lot too but my piece is too small so I've kinda got used to a little coughing while dabbing up no different from my bud days
  6. Someone told me the smoke still has that substance to it since it's thicker and it hardens in your lungs. I've seen it on dab pieces. Could it also happen to the lungs?
  7. Yes wax is collectively very sticky the inside of my tiny rig is filthy covered with wax residue. I couldn't say for sure but I guess I see your concern. Thicker smoke? I don't really think so... When you're dabbing like I said it's more vapor than burning material. Much like heavy bud smokers can get smokers cough? Hack up discolored mucus and such.. Anyone who says things like such about dabbing hasn't researched I haven't seen one single piece of evidence supporting a claim like this when dabbing has been around for over a decade. Making claims like that aren't uncommon but "someone" sounds a little paranoid.  could just be fucking with you.

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