Dabber Setup to Fit on Standard Bong Stem?

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  1. Hi Everyone!
    I'm new here and I did a search first and came up with zilch, so here's my situation:
    I'd like a bubbler / dabber (hope I'm using the right terminology!) setup but I'm impoverished.... :(
    So, to that end, I'd ideally like to find something that will fit on my existing bong, which has what I would call a "standard aluminum bong stem", you know, the one that's about 5/16" wide, with a knurled top end, that accepts your standard 1-hit bowels, and a variety of others - this type of stem has been around since the 70's or so....
    I don't know a lot about these setups, but my main goal is to:
    1) not use direct flame
    2) have the smoke go through water
    I know that glass is the prefered material of choice, and I will use a glass dabber, but a metal bowl, even if it has a netal nail (not aluminum!) would work for me...
    I'd even be willing to McGuyver something, so any / all suggestions are welcome!
    Thanks in Advance!

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  3. I not sure you can get a nail attachment for an old slide, it's usually a glass on glass setup. Oh wait I might have what u need gotta take a pic.  
    I'm waiting for my camera to charge but in the meantime, the bong stem is like one of these (without the one-hitter on top):
  5. I thought this might work but now looking at the pic of the metal bowls i don't think they can fit a glass bowl in it or can it ? havent seen one of those in like 6-7 years so im not sure, But if it does you could try to find a oil swing like the one in the pic and put a rubber washer to make air tight.
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    I'm probably gonna have to lose the old bong... For one thing, I thought that you heated the *dabber*, not the nail but I just watched a youtube vid and can see that it's the other way around, which means that the bowl's gonna get heated *a lot*, and a plastic bong probably won't survive that....
  7. The "dabber" you heat is called a hot hit wand.. its a real thing lol. But you are looking for something to smoke bho with right?

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