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  1. Just remembered every time I take a dab I wipe my dabber off on my non stick mat and it adds up really fast. It looks like normal rig reclaim but darker. I probably got .5 in a few weeks just wiping my excess dabber claim. Is that stuff nasty now that I think about it? Or a good idea?

    Ps: just made brownies with my actual reclaim. Eating tomorrow. Will let you know

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  2. I have been doing this for  few months now and I haven't tasted any real nastiness or gotten phlemmy over it. It's better than wiping it off of a towel and letting it go to waste. I liken to it rolling one of those "generation joints" made out of all the saved up half to all the way smoked roaches.
  3. I have a top of a slick ball I whipe it off into. Normally save up abouy a gram a month. I usually use it for edibles, wouldn't smoke it if I can help it, thats nasty.
  4. Just made 6 of the strongest edibles ever from a gram of claim

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  5. I normally do 1 g per edible. Makes for a real interesting experience
  6. Fuck that!!!! Lolol

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  7. Its only thc, you can only get higher.
  8. That's the problem, lol if your used to it I'm sure you'd be fine but for me a 1g reclaim edible would destroy me lol

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  9. I did it accidentally twice now... the first time i ate a g in peanut butter because i thought it wouldn't be that strong and felt like sleeping, i basically started tripping and passed out. I was talking to myself for hours.The second time it was a g of claim from some shitty shatter and i still slept all day. I thought it wouldn't be anywhere near as strong as the first g of claim, but it might have been stronger. And there was slightly more then a g there, i didn't weigh it. But dam... never again..
  10. Shit the one I ate what 500mg of activated THC and I ate the whole thing. I'm guessing that equates to 5gs of claim. I was wrecked

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  11. I made some reclaim caps today. .25 grams per capsule to be on the safe side, not trying to see the devil or anything. I put some coconut oil in with them to help with the absorbing. I took one about 2 hours ago. Feeling pretty damn good right about now.
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    Good for you man, if you feel it then stick with the one for now. It'll get stronger. Take two more some other time when you won't mind having to take a nap... like tonight  :yummy:
    Not really, save em. But enjoy.

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