Dab rig not hitting right

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  1. I recently bought a new fritted disc perc dab rig, and I don't know what's wrong but when I go to use it I can barely get a hit off of it. I touch the dab to the nail and it smokes up and everything but I don't feel like I'm actually getting any smoke off of it. And even when you watch someone take it the piece doesn't fill with smoke. If you watch someone take a dab smoke comes out when they exhale but it just seems like it's not really working/getting us high. Does anyone know what the problem may be?

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  2. My best guess is that the nail might be too big because if you look at it Theres not much of an opening between the joint and the nail

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    Funny I was about to say that nail looks tiny...Can you post another pic of that rig but from a side shot and take off the dome.
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  4. Too much diffusion and too small dabs. All the vapor is condensing before it even gets to your mouth. Try bigger dabs? Or try another rig?
  5. Post a vid

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  6. I feel like that dome isnt on right. Usually its the people w domeless who have these kinds of problems
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    That dome looks kind of crooked. 
    Like a previous poster has said you should post another pic without the dome 
  8. There is no reason why this isn't working, the rig looks fine. If air pulls through it without a dab on the nail then the air will pull through with a dab on the nail. Post a vid of what you're doing, your doing something wrong. This isn't rocket science...
  9. Take bigger dabs or get the nail hotter

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  10. nails fine, domes fine, just take bigger dabs.
  11. maybe the nail is too hot?
  12. Funny. I just got the same rig and am having the same issue.
  13. Everybody's right, you're just not taking big enough dabs. You'll see a lot less smoke exhaled when you dab anyway rather than smoking bud
  14. It looks pretty smooth! Love it!
  15. my best guess is you bought a china fritted disc and the holes in the frit are way to small to let any real air flow get going. That in combo with tiny dabs means no milking up.
  16. Because your using a lop dab nail. Get yourself a glass basket ball hoop nail and you'll be set.
  17. ..... none of the words you just used to describe dabbing equipment was correct. hes using a traditonal nail and dome now. you're describing a banger, which are made from quartz not glass.
  18. Yeah
  19. Lmao, I died a lil

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  20. i would ditch the dome and nail and get a banger as others have mentioned. i have a banger for mine and love it.
    also your glassware is cheap china glass. that disc is too close to your stem. im willing to bet it doesnt perc up properly when you hit it. do a little test. hit it with a conepiece in infront of a mirror and watch the bubbles. does the air kind of shoot through the front side of the disc ad not really perc up. then flip the whole bong around in your hand so the stem is facing you when you hit it and watch as the bubbles filter through the entire disc. thats how it should work with decent glass

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