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  1. First fucking time doing this shit haha. always thought about making one but was never high enough ;) so today I was at the pad just kickin it with the moms (shes chillin as fuck) and at 230 i decide to hit up a couple of my friends to see if they can comeover to sell me an eigth, but turns out all three of them left for spring break already, so I go on faceboook and starrt desperately searching for work and then this girl i havent talked too since fucking middleschool tells me she has a guy who'll come thru, turns out the guy was nearby and he came thru with what looks like 4 grams of dank strawberry cough for 55$ :cool: I rolled a satisfying amount of doobies and packed a nice amount of bowls, and let me tell you im high enough right now to make this forum hahaha. has anyone ever felt this high?
  2. Haha everryone on here has probably felt that high. This place is great and i have strawberry cough im getting 200an oz rightn ow in colorado. Its a nice strain :).

    Welcome to the city, at first i thought you ment it was your first time smoking weed so i was like oh shit here we go.
  3. Naaa i've been smoking for quite awhile haha, started in 6th grade with a family member.
    Thing is i got off a program a couple weeks ago and todays the first day i smoke in 8 months, so the way my tolerance went down was craaaazy. haha but yeah i always used to read forums on here & found them to be pretty cool.

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