Da Vinci vs CloudV vs Pax

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by HersonChrist, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. Which of these three do you guys think I should invest in?

  2. Well the cloud v is NOT for dry herbs. I really did like the DaVinci. But found it awkward to load for me. I have fat fingers. And it was a little bigger than what I wanted in a stealth vape. Although it looks more like a walkie talkie or another easily mistaken object than the PAX, it was just bigger than I wanted. That said, I love my PAX. Size, ease of use. It's biggest drawback is that the moving parts are internal and you can't skimp on cleaning. DaVinci does have a better flavor, but only for one or two pulls.
  3. Did you ever have/get rid of the plastic-like taste? 
  4. The original DaVinci for me def has a plastic or whatever you'd call it taste to it. I haven't figured out a way to avoid it as I just think it's how the product was made. Each vaporizer does have its own "unique added taste" but it's not always a bad thing. For me, even the newer DaVinci Ascent still has a special odd taste to it & that uses a little glass mouth piece - I'm guessing it's something internal on how the unit functions overall but without opening it up I really cannot tell you for sure.
    If I ever decide to open my $250 investment, it'll be something I'm def going to look into hehe.  
    Peece man.
  5.  I never really noticed it as much as come others seemed to have. But I keep my stuff clean. I think it may have been residual oils from the manufacturing on the stem, or maybe just outgassing from using really high temps. I barely ever ran it at it at high because it really sucked on the battery. But yeah...kinda forgot about that being a big complaint as it wasn't one of my biggest.
    How do you like the ascent?
  7. I'll probably just go all out and buy the Volcano or an Extreme Q :D
    You were asking about portables.   The two above are not.
    I have another question though.   If you are looking for a home vape, why are you limiting yourself to just the two above?
  9. I was thinking about a portable vape, but I have enough to get a home vape so why not? 
    What do you recommend? 
  10. Why not?   Because you can't take a home unit like a 'Cano or a Q out to the park like you can with a portable.
    What do I recommend in a home vape?    You need to answer some questions first.
    What is your budget?
    Are you going to be using it solo or in party situations or both?
    Which is more important.......efficiency (getting the most out of the least amount of bud) or vapor volume.
    How important is taste to you?
    Does it need to be stealthy, that is, how important is it to you to be able to leave it out in the open without anyone suspecting that it's a vaporizer or small enough to put into a drawer when not in use?

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