DA explains that escorting may not meet LA prostitution statutes

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  1. "Sue Bernie runs the Sex Crimes Division in the East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney's Office. After reviewing the Seeking Arrangement website, she compared it with escort services, which often hint they're selling sex but stop just short of doing anything illegal.
    Bernie said escort agencies advertise their services as innocent meet-ups “where the intent is to have dinner or go to a play,” she said. If both parties end up consenting to sex, the websites can stay ahead of the law by arguing that the escort and the customer just ended up bonding.
    To fit the legal definition of prostitution in Louisiana requires “indiscriminate sexual intercourse with others for compensation,” she said.
    Without any explicit solicitation for indiscriminate sex, Bernie said Seeking Arrangement falls short of being a prostitution website.
    “They may skirt around it, they may push the envelope, but they are very careful not to cross the line,” she said."   -  From Website links co-eds with ‘sugar daddies'  
    Just remember this may not include hotel hookups where the escort and client jump into sex. If it is a real date, it may fall under the indiscriminate category.

  2. Dude...how many of these threads do you think we need? No one gives a single fuck about your semantic fight. A judges job is not to interpret the law literally, but to interpret the intent of the law. Thus making the actual wording obso-fucking-lete!

    Just cut it out with this bull shit man. You Dont know what the fuck you are talking about and all you are doing is taking up forum space.
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  3. Why do you even bother when every response in every thread doesnt accept your premise?
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  4. Prostitution should be legal.
    It's illegal because the government can't tax it.
    I have a body, you want it, you pay me cash, no tax applied.
    And then they base it on morals and the sleepless masses follow :(
  5. It works fine in Nevada, and the Nevada government collects taxes and the girls are protected and treated well.

    But what this guy is saying is such bull shit. In a state where it is illegal a judge does not care about the wording of the law. It is the intent of the law that matters. And the intent of the law is that you can't exchange sex for financial gain. And if you get caught doing this you will go to jail.
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    You just contradict the DA's opinion. You also contradict the law professor.  Which is right? Your advice or theirs. Yes, prostitution is illegal in most states if you do it as a business.  If you do it in a relationship, then it is not a business but for financial gains. It is different.  Escorts and massage parlor get busted because they do it as a business. They offer it to strangers or in a business establishment. That were the crime lines. When do you see police arresting mistresses and lovers for prostitution? I don't see they enforce the prostitution laws against them.
    " A CBS 2 producer registered and almost immediately got 21 different sugar baby inquiries, some with explicit photographs and sexually charged messages.
    “This is thinly veiled. There's no question this site is thinly veiled,” Harold Krent, dean of the Kent College of Law.
    He says, however, even with the promise of financial gain it's not against the law.
    “If one subscribes to a site so that one can meet somebody and after meeting with somebody decide what happens next, then of course it's not prostitution,” he says.
    Fazio is not Jessica's sugar daddy. They don't know each other.
    Jessica has had three sugar daddies and says she has made anywhere from $500 a month to as much as $5,000. Besides gifts and trips, she uses the money she gets for living expenses while in college. She graduates this year."
    \tSome Co-Eds Becoming ‘Sugar Babies' To Pay For Collegehttp://chicago.cbslocal.com/2013/02/04/college-students-become-sugar-babies-to-pay-for-school/

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