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  1. I was buying the BC and then changed to VaporWarez and they were out of those so I went with Da Buddha. It should be here on Tuesday, got super-fast shipping.

    How's the odor? That's basically all I really want to know about. I'd like to use this safely in my dorm room...
  2. you dont gotta worry about people smelling it
  3. With a Buddha, I'm not so sure of that. That vape can put out tons of super rich vapor clouds. The vapor won't stick around as long as smoke will, and it won't smell as strong, but it is a bit of a concern especially with heavy draws on dank Indica's.
  4. Fuck my life.

    Is there a single type of vaporizer out there that doesn't smell? Like seriously has someone not invented this yet?

    If not I'm going to go do that and get hilariously rich.
  5. As long as you dont get it super hot and roast your shit it wont smell for but 10 minutes after you stop smoking.

    And you will love the Buddha, each time it comes up in a conversation with some of my close buddies we all start chanting "Da Buddha", its a pretty sick jam.
  6. Theres no way to inhale heated bud without the smell coming out. If you throw a towel under your door and maybe crack a window, you will be straight. If your really sketched out look up sploofs. But seriously a vape isnt that strong of a smell
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    All vapes will smell to a certain extent, some more than others. A lot of it has to do with the temp that you are vaping at along with how much you pack in a bowl. The Buddha excels in rich, thick bong like vapor hits, but it does so at the sake of efficiency along with an increased smell that is in direct proportion to how thick that vapor cloud is.

    If you want to get a vape that is more efficient and smells less (mainly because it has the smallest bowl of any vape on the market), the Purple Days would be a better choice.
  8. Make a sploof and take many short/small hits from a vape at lower temp (12-1 o clock on da buddha)
    if you don't want your room to 'stink'.
    You can still smell it, but it's not a very thick smell like smoke is. It dissipates into the air MUCH more quickly than smoke (probably an hour for vapor to dissipate in a med size bedroom)
  9. Honestly I have a Da Buddah and there's not too much smell. With good herb my buds will smell more alone, than when vaping it. If you get some febreze or incense or a candle you should be fine I would say.

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