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Da Buddha - Should I be seeing a lot or a little bit of vape?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DIPSCHMIDT, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. I'm continuing to play with my Buddha vaporizer and I'm wondering if I should be seeing a lot or a little bit of vaporizer pass through the tube as I draw? I feel as though when I turn my heat up to get big vape hits, I'm worried I'm getting close to the point of combustion, and I get less of a pleasant taste rather than having my heat turned down (near 11-12 O'clock position). I've never had another vape before nor have I smoked any other vape besides mine, and none of my friends smoke vaporizers; it's all bongs and joints for them.

    I'd also like to know at what position the CBD and CBN's start to be affected. I've heard a lot of people saying vaping at 11 o'clock is the best and that 3 o'clock is the best, but there's a drastic difference between the temperature of 11 and 3. Thanks guys :smoke:
  2. How i did it with my buddha is this.

    I warmed it up 3/4 blast, then i turnt it down to 10oclock; vaped, then turnt it to 11, vaped some more, 12, vaped some more & then 1 oclock, then to 2 then i tossed the bud into a jar. I felt that at 3oclock; it was actually combusting.

    You have to also take note of how much bud you have in the wand.

    You have to experiment with how you do it though; everyone likes to vape different.
  3. I get massive clouds when I vape. I fill the wand 1/4th full, turn the dial to 2oclock, and then have some fun. If I turn past 3 it tends to burn the weed on top. I have never vaped at anything below 1oclock, I dont believe it's hot enough to get good rips.

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