D12 - D12 World

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by RQskater6, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. Have any you guys heard this CD? It's acually really good. And it's really good to listen to hiiiigh :)
  2. Devil's Night was alot better
  3. I dont really like or listen to rap but my buddy has a d12 cd, I dunno which one but he plays it in his car sometimes and its some funny shit! I dont really dig the music but I always have a good laugh when it's on cuz the lyrics are funny.
  4. Devils night was a loooot better, but i enjoyed sum of the songs on this album...

    word is that most of the artist on D-12, like 5/6 of them are coming out with solo albums (bizare being one of them) thats what proof said at a concert a few days ago

    and ems album is suppose to be coming like fall 2004 and I hope he brings back his old wicked slim shady days when every1 hated him cuz his shit is funny... im getting sick of him tryin to be gangsta
  5. yo d12 world is a hot cd........yo american psyco and in the morning are hot tracks

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