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  1. Guys, girls, I need help. I've been out of a job and school lately and my depression kills me sometimes(figuratively durr) and in that time period, I've been eating. A lot. So what happened, well I developed moobs. Fuck any of you who laugh but dammit I don't like it. It just sucks. My question is, how hard is it to get rid of em and or how do I go about getting rid of em? Mind you I don't have access to a gym. I was thinking something cardio based like running the stairs a few times a day?! but idunno I need solid advice here. Anyone?
  2. Push ups and running will help as long as you have a change in diet also.

    Working out even without a gym will also help elevate your depression as well.
  3. I heard that once you get them they stay forever. Sorry bro, better luck next life.
  4. Nah man I lost my moobs with great success.

    Do some calisthenics (push-ups, sit-ups) and eat right. Drink lots of low-fat milk. The exercises will raise your metabolism if you do enough of em (till you start to feel it) and the calcium in the milk will boost fat loss. If you have free-weights you can use those too. Lot faster than cardio, which only burns fat while you're doing the exercise. If you strength train like a pro, your metabolism will still be raised for up to 2 days after exercising.

    Takes a while before your moobs will disappear but it does work.
  5. Push ups and such are good for toning and firming pecs, but if you got a set of man titties that means there's some fat that needs to come off first. As you assumed, running and cardio is your best bet, then start working out.
  6. to add onto what Hancock said. you can start working out. bench press is the exercise you want. increasing your muscle mass will in turn start burning fat.

    oh and also, jump rope is fucking awesome
  7. Alright thx for the tips blades. and FYI, it isn't like totally full blown tits, they're a bit perky, like junior high perky but still moobs. I'll work on the exercises and draw up a new blueprint for my diet.
  8. hahaha moobs.

    Consistent cardio and a healthy diet will drop your body fat enough % so they should go away. Adding in strength training will help develop your muscles and improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your body. Consistency is key.

    Also by doing the above your depression will lessen significantly if it does not disappear altogether.
  9. dude eating is good but make sure to work out!!!

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