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Cystic Fibrosis and Marijuana?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by scottw, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. Hello, i am fairly new to GC. I have Cystic Fibrosis which seriously affects my lungs and digestive system i have about 72% lung funtion left. I read that using a vaporizer doesn't affect the lungs at all but at the same time can help my lungs. is this true? and is it 100% guaranteed not to do any bad? i dont want to loose lung function because i done this if you know what i mean. thanks!
  2. When you vape you get none of the harmful effects from combusting plant matter.
  3. I believe it would be safe to say that it would have no effects on your lungs. Vaporizing is not smoking, it is the inhalation of vapors..
  4. ive read a study that the lungs of a marijuana smoker is the same as a NON smoker
  5. please do not smoke or vape anything if you realy have C.F. at only 72% it could be realy realy bad. It will not help your lungs. Please p.m. if you would like some help with some edibles or something.
  6. Yes, vaporising dramatically reduces the negative effects of smoking the plant matter. You could also try eating it. THC is also an expectorant and so you may find it helps rid some of the mucus from your lungs, however I know very little about cannabis' effect on Cystic Fybrosis.
  7. one problem with cystic fybrosis is it makes your lungs very suseptable to irratation as well as infections/pnumonia's and then you don't recover the same, the damage can be permanent. please don't vape try some edibles.
  8. Vaping is MUCH easier on the lungs than smoking! But, with your situation, I wouldn't chance it on a regular basis.
    In my "Granny Storm Crow's MMJ Reference List", I have recipes for tinctures which work faster than edibles, but a bit slower than vaping/smoking. Tinctures are easy to make and can be made with alcohol or glycerin (get it at a heath food store). You just put a few drops in your mouth and swirl it around. The THC will go right through your cheek skin and into your blood.

    I also have a HUGE collection of recipes for edibles from the IC Forum, and a "Stoner's Cookbook" linked in my list if you prefer edibles.

    Cannabis DOES open up the bronchial tubes and makes it easier for mucus to be expelled. There is an article about COPD and the effects of cannabis (and tobacco) on lung function-
    Smoking Pot, Cigarettes Ups COPD Risk
    Smoking Pot, Cigarettes Ups COPD Risk
    I know it's not what you have, but the results may interest you and give you a better perspective on the effects of cannabis on the lungs. I have not found any studies on CF and cannabis.

    Granny :wave:
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    Cannabinoids and Cystic Fibrosis - Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics

    Fride E. The endocannabinoid-CB receptor system: Importance for development and in pediatric disease. Neuro Endocrinol Lett 2004; 25(1-2): 24-30
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    Now, generally speaking, when there is not any current information on cannabis and a paticular disease, a good thing to do is to go back and look at how cannabis was used to treat that disease prior to cannabis being made illegal.

    The problem with this method and Cystic Fibrosis is that Cystic Fibrosis was not even identified as a seperate disease until 1930. Before 1930 it was just lumped in with all the other childhood wasting disorders. And it was usually fatal before the age of 3.

    (off topic) So far, a good deal of searching in 1800's source material has revealed that Cannabis Indica is an excellent remedy for nosebleeds, and headache

    (beats head on wall)
  11. Hey not to sure if you found your answer but your story caught my eye.
    I'm 19 I have cystic fibrosis and live a good life.I have used marijuana
    Sense I was 13.I have never been admitted in the hospital I just started
    Using a vaporizer bout a year ago and strongly recommend it.Im a strong
    Believer that marijuana has helped me with my sickness.Hope this helps!
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    there are no guarantees in life except that we will both pass some day. In the mean time here is my asthma medicine recipe. I don't like to Vape because it causes me rebound asthma. If you think MJ will help your CF it is a way to get it in that at least works for asthma.

    I also ran this search for you tonight

    I read the first hit in the list and it looks like you & I are closer to being in the same boat than I thought at first. We should become fishing buddies. You want to get a sharp fast education in the Omega-3 Fatty acids DHA and EPA. They metabolize into the endocannabinoids DHEA and EPEA. You also want to learn about another endocannabinoid called PEA (Palmitoylethanolamide) It comes from Coconut oil.
  13. vape or edibles bro, you need to start getting faded
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    I so agree with what comrade has said PM. I have a vaporizer and they are very difficult to get the hang of. I had a pretty decent one but it had its flaws I guess, like everything else. Every time I used my vaporizer it made me cough, sometimes quite violently.

    My caregiver said that it shouldn't do that. Well, there you go. You just have to spend a lot of time figuring out the right temperature. Mine was digital and although the manual suggests 320-350, I set it at 309 and the weed never caught on fire again! LOL
    Okay, so after that adjustment I didn't cough, AS MUCH.
    Perhaps I gave up to early but I didn't like messin' with it trying to get it to work just right. And I wondered, "Do I need to mess around with it every time I vape a new weed cause some burn faster than others depending on their stickiness, even if you grind it up like the manual says to do?" I decided its not worth it and have been thinking of putting my vaporizer up for sale. Its been used 15 times. Its in perfect condition and looks just like it did when I bought it; except for the whip. The whip is a little discolored.

    If you are looking for advice/ ideas/ experiences/ suggestions then I would say stick with the medibles. Research the dispensaries in your area and pick one that is not too pricy but is safe and respectable.

    Cheryl : )
  15. :wave:
    LOL @ "beats head on wall," time to light up. Regan put a halt to most all of the testing just beginning. He demanded that the tests being done concentrate on those that only identified the side effects and not the medical benefits. We have so far to go with our learning and understanding of marijuana and its potential for healing. I'm sure there are many European countries that are far ahead of us.
  16. I am 22 and i also have cf. Personally i believe that marijuana helps me with my cystic fibrosis. I know alot of people say that i shouldn't but i feel alot better when i use my vaporizer regularly. I feel like my lungs are clearer and everything. People say its hurting me bc it makes me cough but i am also on a nebulizer called sodium chloride solution USP 7% thats main reason is to make me cough up some more of the mucus than usual. And in general i feel better when i use it. I feel healthier in general and in my opinion that is all that matters. Plus i dont notice as many crackles in my breathing and my cf doctor said my lungs sound clearer and my lung function hasn't dropped any so i dont see where its hurting me in any way.
  17. I started smoking at 14 and my exacerbations changed from every 4 months one every two years. Also about the same time pulmozyme and inhaled tobramycin came into regular treatment. Always associated the change of health with the inhaled pharmaceuticals and puberty. I quit for roughly 100 days and lost 15 points on my fev1. Being in the danger zone my dr issued antibiotics giving me a week to improve before a hospital stay. I continued to not smoke. A week later I had marginally improved but the dr was ok with no hospital stay. I then started to smoke again but for health. I'm a light smoker as an eighth will last me about three weeks. I use a routinely cleaned water bong fitted with a batty/pinch-hitter. Next clinic visit my fev1 was higher than they had seen with me since I was 22. Lately I have been trying hard to eat a quality food no fast food good quality foods high calorie high fat high fiber diet and it has also helped to avoid infection through the allergy season thus far. I also suggest avoiding raw milk and juicing fresh vegetables and fruits. The juicing is new that I can get my chronically low vitamin d levels up. A little investigation and you will find that vitamin d has a significant role in immune function. Dehydration should also a must to be avoided.
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    Anyone who thinks cannabis cant help CF needs to wise up, the lungs love cannabinoids and as some said, its an expectorant.
    You need a vape and/or and oil rig, smoking probably wont help you.
  19. I agree with a few CFers on here... I have CF and started smoking when I was 19, generally most days for about 2 years. I went from spending about 8 weeks in hospital a year as a 17 and 18 year old, from memory (im 34 now), to only going in once a year from then on... My lung function also improved hugely going from below avarage to up to 127% FVC at its best (FEV1 was sually around 90% then)... Not anymore, but I used to manage 6.7ltrs of air during the time I was smoking out of a bong. Admittedly, in the name of science, I was also snowboarding 5 months of the year too, so exercise helping the lungs also... I havent smoked in years now, lungs are pretty good still and I use some alternative stuff (google 'master tonic 101') as my all-naturale antibiotics...

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