Cycle for flowering?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Shez, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. I've seen many theory's to this I was just wandering as mine is due to flower do you leave the light off for 24 hours before starting the 12/12 or just 12/12 straight away?

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  2. i switched straight to 12/12 straight away, on my first grow now though so not experienced really.
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  3. Thanks for your input mate I've read an article after posting this....a trick is to leave them for 36 hours then resume 12/12 as boosts them into budding I may try this one it also suggest using a litre of water to flush all growing nutes you have used during veg...then use bloom and pk boost 1st 2 weeks...

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  4. I would do 24 hrs of darkness then switch to 12/12
  5. And don't worry about flushing them they still bed nitrogen during the strech if you touch them now theirs a.chance for some problems right off the bat
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  6. My little set up yes it's a cupboard grow that's cost me very little.....I have made a makeshift tent stapling black bags to the wall and created a top using poles to hang lights off and a foil blanket as a door to retain the a bit of blanket wrapped around plant reflecting light to lower parts of plant..seems to have worked well I'm running a 100w T5 and unbranded 600w full spectrum light in cocoa soil with perlite and slow release fertiliser pellets mix been fed AnB mix at 1.5ml per litre.
    She's 9 weeks old and really small for her age as was only under a 100w for first 7 or so weeks (friend said was a 200w it isn't ) so seriously stunted but has truly picked up in last week n half


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