Cyber sex, appropriate, or not?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by nushaganazad, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. Just curious how many of u fellas, and ladies, have done/ do this, and wondering how everyone feels on the matter, just curious
  2. Tried it...

    Soon after decided real sex is better...

    I've stuck to that ever since.
  3. yes i love real sex, dont get me wrong, im just curious to see if this is more widley accepted, or dicouraged. lol
  4. ...something about talking dirty to a computer screen...... Never really did it for me...doesnt mean that I dont think its not appropiate or each there own. :D
  5. yes ill agree to that.

    until today, i had NO idea it was possible to be aroused at the words on a computer screen, its really insane how a year ago i would look at someone talking about this and laugh and move on, like, pass it off as nothing and retarded. But its soo strange how something like this can be soo powerful when it happens in the right perspective lol. it was an interesting expierience.
  6. Hey man, whatever floats your boat.
  7. rasta, u crack me up lol
  8. Ionno, not my thing.

    Like... words on a screen? I don't see how that'd get 'er done.

    Girlfriend/magazines is my daily recommended serving of poon-tang.
  9. tru nuf rasta.
    isnt typing and waxing the dolphin a bitch?
    that shit would suck
  10. im not saying beat off, i just mean as a nice relaxation thing. I really liked it lol, make me smile, heart pounded it seemed, cause of the person it was with i guess, but besides that it was cool lol. I didnt mean to masturbate too, thats what porn is for
  11. There's nothing wrong with a little wordplay here and certainly doesn't do the job, and doing anything but typing would be quite cumbersome...but it sure does get the old blood flowin! :ey:

  12. ^^ EXACTLY :hello:
  13. apropriate if both parties like the word play, personally, im asexual so i have no opinion on the matter.

    and like said above, your hands cant do both. ;)
  14. im sure she and i both wanted it to happen, and it was a random spur of the moment thing, niether of us had ever done that type of thingbefore, and to be totally hoenst, i dont know how she felt, but i throughly enjoyed her company haha.
  15. what the hell is asexual.
  16. asexual is for like, different animals, when an animal can reproduce on its own and doesnt need a partner to donate the other genetic material, ya know? lol
  17. new world term my man. i am a "nothing".

    i dont have desires towards anyone.

    edit: heres what you asked...

    Asexuality is a general term or self-designation for people who find sexual behavior unappealing, or who feel indifferent towards it. There is debate as to whether this is a sexual dysfunction or an actual sexual orientation; furthermore, there is disagreement over the exact definition of the word. The term is also sometimes used as a gender identity by those who believe their lack of sexual attraction places them outside the standard definitions of gender. There has been little research done on asexuality, but those studies that have been conducted suggest that, if it is a sexual orientation, it is among the least common.

    provided by wikipedia

    back to cyber sex, i suppose.
  18. Someone who has either a diminished or non-existant sex drive.
  19. Yeah, I have a long-time friend that is asexual.

    It's weird, because it's really a fundamental difference in personalities, but we still get along, amazingly.

    Go figure.

    Uhh.... :rolleyes:
  20. What....your gf doesn't like the dirty talk every now and again? What can i's a big turn on!

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