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C'ya soon

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Jun 27, 2002.

  1. Going to be gone for a couple of weeks. C'ya when I get back! It seems like every time I leave for a little while, something major happens here or an old friend decides to leave. So when i come back, I expect everyone to still be here and I hope some old AWOL friends come back to the mix, hint hint little indian dude!
  2. Hope you enjoy yourself, whereever it is that you may be going.
  3. see ya man, have fun and watch for the fuzz
  4. Have a good trip BPP! We'll try not to burn the place down w hile you're gone ;) Hurry back, like Critter said.
  5. i luvs ya guys each and everyone of ya.and think of you often when im away. im never far and wont ever stay away too long. i cant, i tried. :D
    have a safe trip brotha
  6. I thought i'd already replied to this topic! Well just in case stml has taken over my mind. Good luck BPP and enjoy your well deserved vacation Big Brother! I'll be waiting for the stories!
  7. Have a great vacation wherever you're going BPP! Waitin' till you come back, and we expect to hear some good ones. We'll all still be here! Have a safe and enjoyable trip :)
  8. Have a great vaca. whereever it ya goin. be safe!


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