Cya later Greg Giraldo..

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  1. "Accidental overdose"


    Comedians seem drop at a faster rate than other performers. This sucks I liked his comedy
  2. damn he died? I really liked his bit about texting, R.i.p:(
  3. That's a weird one

    I wouldn't have pegged him as a hard drug user

    Meanwhile Andy Dick is going to live to be 100
  4. Damn.. Rest in Peace.
  5. was a great comedian one of my favorites. sad to see this.
  6. He will be missed almost as much as George Carlin
  7. he was a hilarious man. RIP

  8. Ya he had been in rough shape for a few days I think. Didnt sound good when I first heard about it so I wasnt really surprised when I heard today but it still sucks

  9. He was one of the better out there for sure.
  10. I had to google it to be sure
    Greg Giraldo Is Dead |

    Damn the internet is quick. His wiki page was already changed.

    I wonder who is the next to go
  11. Damn that sucks :( another reason i say fuck pills!
  12. Doug Stanhope is next... guaranteed.
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    I fucking hope not dont even say that man

    [ame=""]YouTube - Tough Crowd With Colin Quinn: Leary vs. Giraldo[/ame]
  14. that sucks man. yeah i forgot what documentary i was watching but alot of comedians are depressing dudes.
  15. Definitely wouldn't surprise me, but Doug is my favorite living comedian...Louis CK in a close second.

    I think Doug will keep goin' though, it seems like he's done all the drugs he wants to and now he's just going to slowly kill his liver with copious amounts of alcohol.

    I think he's got another good 10-15 years left in him.
  16. damn...wonder what he took

  17. painkillers of course

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