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Discussion in 'General' started by alpacahigh, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. hey guys
    living in Washington where weed is legal but fuckin drug tests everywhere
    I'm applying for a job as a cvs pharm tech and I actually didn't apply yet because the online application process said that I would need to get drug tested so I wanted to brainstorm before applying.
    1. I have no idea when I stopped smoking.. maybe about a month ago?
    2. average metabolism
    3. 5'4 and 175 lbs
    4. drinking shit ton of water that I feel like a hippo
    5. when I did smoke, I smoked about a blunt or two a day. decently sized, about the size of two grinded up nuggets? not exactly sure how the amount works because my weed man would give me extras (ex. $80 gets me 12.6) but I'm thinking about two or three nugs (sizes of nickels?)
    6. I've been smoking every day since Dec '15 (heavy smoker) and stopped a few times (weeks) and start up again (heavy) and stop (once for like two or three months) and start (two or three weeks?) and stop ((two or three weeks?) and smoked from mid March '16 to late March '16.
    ^that was probably really confusing sorry I don't really remember when I stop or start ; next time I start I'm thinking of keeping a journal of this lmao
    7. I've been dieting and controlling what I eat and getting in cardio and sauna (sweat) but not often cuz it wasn't a priority but it fuckin is now fuck :(

    can anyone give me an estimate of how long this will stay in me?
    I took a calculation of marijuana central and I literally have no idea.

    I used to smoke a blunt and a half in the beginning and the last time I smoked I got pretty high on half a blunt.

  2. 30 days without weed and you will be clean. Don't try synthetic or something like that, it seems to fail quite often.
  3. I'm pretty short and fat
    and thc likes fat cells don't they (them bastards not being like alcohol lol)
    if I apply today, I could maybe hear back from them in the next week or even next month so I got time but is it really safe to say 30 days? on many sites it say that a heavy smoker can have it up to like 96 days and I do not have that time :(

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