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  1. About three weeks ago I took cuttings from a plant, and rooted them, no problem. They're still fairly small, but growing, and have good color. However, the leaves that are coming in are nearly all just single blades. Some have three, but most are single blades. They are in the same soil mix that I have an older plant in, and that plant is doing great...thick foliage, nice color, nearly all leaves with seven blades, etc., so the soil is good stuff.

    Do clones just need some time to get their footing and start pumping out bigger leaves?
  2. Yes, sometimes they do. Getting cut off a plant and left to root or die is a traumatic experience. The fact that you have new growth means that your cutting has succeeded in rooting. I imagine she'll start to look more like a pot plant pretty soon.
  3. I started the clones in those little peat pellet things that expand when you soak them in water. I didn't put them into bigger containers with soil in them until I saw roots poking through the mesh of the pellet, to ensure they did have some starts of roots going on.

    Thanks for the input...I hope they keep developing nicely. I'll post an update later...maybe with photos, for reference.
  4. These photos are of pretty poor quality, as they are from a very cheap camera phone, but here are two of the plants in question:

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  5. the biggest thing you are looking for when you make clones is new growth. Once you have new growth, you are golden. it means the roots have grown, are taking in nutrients, and the plant is now growing. you are fine, just give it time.
  6. Those clones look great and your phone camera skills are way above average. Those plants are actually in focus!

    Good luck with your grow.
  7. Again, thanks for the input; it is much appreciated! The clones that I see at the medical dispensary tend to have all five bladed leaves, so seeing the single blades on mine seemed a bit unusual to me, not that I was worried about it, but just a bit curious. I guess the clones at the dispensary are more established...though I'm not sure how, exactly, as mine are overall bigger than those.

    Oh well, at least they are growing! I took four cuttings total, and all four took to root, so I guess that's not bad for a first ever attempt at cloning 'em!

    Thanks again for the responses!
  8. When I reveg my clones they always get the single bladed leaves that erupt from the old flower site.

    Maybe that was it?
  9. I took a close look at the plants today, and out of the four of them, two of them are now displaying new leaves with three blades each. It's not five yet, or the even nicer seven or nine, but I'll take it!

    Thanks again for those above who have given their input; much appreciated, as always!
  10. yeah new groth period is allways awsome,everytime i have had a clone throw off single leafs is when i flower to figure out the sex and then cut to make a clone itll throw out the singles. because it was the start of a bud forming and now its stretching back out into a plant.once it grows just a tad the new sets of leafs will be experiance the first set or two before it gets some height on them is when they do it.but sorry to ramble man. good luck on your grow :smoke:
  11. Thanks for the experience! Appreciated!
  12. pretty sure if you take clones from a plant more than a couple weeks into flower the clones will start with singlebladed leaves until they get going again in veg...been my their just about solid bud:D..peace deacon:smoke:
  13. The plant they were taken from wasn"t was vegging at the time. In the meanwhile I've since stupidly killed momma plant through overfertilization, but she lives on through her four clones! :D
  14. did you sex it before taking clones or was it from a femmed seed
  15. The plant the cuttings were from was from a medical collective. Granted, while it isn't guaranteed that what you get are females, the basic assumption is that the clones are taken from proven female plants, right? Or am I way off? :eek:
  16. i would sure hope so...nothing like that here in backward florida...from the replies it seems you and i are not the only ones this happens too...and like i said i just let mine grow and now their all buds so i dont think it effects anything...good luck:wave:
  17. Now all four of the cuttings I took now are displaying three bladed leaves as they grow new leaves, so I'm thinking they'll be just fine, and I've got a 100% success rate on my first cloning attempt. Fives won't be far behind, I hope, and eventually some seven bladed ones would be nice!

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