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cutting out the middle man?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by fadeddd, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Recently I was talking to a guy who said he was buying his medical marijuana direct from the growers, instead of visiting dispensaries. Is this something anyone can get into? Anyone have any suggestions on where to start looking? I'm afraid to ask at my dispensary since it'd be kind of rude, as they'd be the ones cut out, haha. I imagine you'd have to buy an oz or more at a time or something, but that's okay, I have a big appetite. :) By the way, I live in Southern California.
  2. i would think anyone could get into that.

    i mean all your friend did was find a real caregiver.

    in colorado there are ads on craigslist for real caregivers, who provide anywehre from half ounces to whole ounces a month for free, as long as they are your caregivers.

    definitely ask around, im sure someone could help ya
  3. im not sure how you'd go about doing that but my uncle met a medical grower at a bar. he doesnt actually have a card or anything but the guy still sells to him. only problem is he has to buy atleast a half O at a time

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