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Discussion in 'General' started by Huey_Freeman, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. I need a haircut, and the barbershops are closed. I have a party to go to in a couple hours. Was going to cut my own hair... I have clippers and a guard so I should be straight. Hardest part is lining up the back. Anyone cut their own hair?

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  2. I cut my own hair and have been for sometime now I have scissors and just do what I can with them usually I pull all my hair back in a pony tail and cut it as even as I can although it sounds like you care a bit more than I do

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  3. I always cut my own hair.. then I have my cousin line me up.. unless I want a fade then I just have him do it.. nothing too it.. if youre buzzing you can't fuck it up
  4. I tried that last week. I fucked up pretty bad, so I'm bald now.
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  5. You can line your back up if you use a hand mirror pointing towards another mirror. It's takes time a patience and you have to know your left and right in opposite directions.
  6. I think I've only had 1 haircut at a barbers in the last 5+ years, rest I've done myself, normally once a month or so unless I just dont feel like bothering with it. only shitty part is I'm practically blind without my glasses so I usually have to go back over it after my shower.
  7. i cut mine all the time, but its pretty basic just the same short length on top & sides, then i line it up after.  it takes me a while almost an hour. i go really slow just to ensure i dont screw it up haha
  8. did you go bald?
  9. I shave my own head
  10. I do mine every few months. Got a $20 trimmer. Dont even use the guards i just put the blade length so its either in the middle or as far as it can go. Probably an 8th of an inch or less. The just buzz everything till there are no patches. Quick, easy, free, and not possible to fuck up.

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  11. if its ur first time lmao...ur gona be the highlight of the party
  12. My buddy pulled through and was able to give me a fresh cut before I headed out. Now I have a small hangover, drinking water and about to pack a little bowl then rest before work. Kind of disappointed that I didn't get any tang last night... Then again I wasn't really working towards it.

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