Cutting Holes in Glass

Discussion in 'General' started by JohnnyBlunt, May 14, 2006.

  1. Well recently i came up on this really cool looking Science flask, and naturally i want to make a bong out of it. I already have the bowl i want to use and theres only one thing stopping me, cutting the holes. I have no idea how i would cut glass and not break it. Anybody out there with any prior experience know what to do in this situation?

    This flask is made of pyrex and looks like the one in the picture (right side)


    Any help is appreciated

    Stay High

  2. My friend used to use his Dremel and diamond-bits to modify glass, if you got ahold of one of those I bet you could grind a hole out for a downtube or somethin
  3. I've also heard of putting sand in it before you dremel it. That looks like it will be one kick-ass bong. GL
  4. i stole a 1000 ml tube from chem class once

    it wast he perfect bong an it was free si i bought a downstem and a bowl

    went to home depot an bought a glass bit

    an full the tube with water

    follow all the instructions

    and the thing FUCKING SHATTERED

    i was crushed

    dont get your hopes up
  5. Maybe put sand in it and a fat piece of tape on the outside where you wanna drill? With a glass drill bit of course

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