cutting clones, when and how. help!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by groob4000, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. i have a plant that has just begun flowering and i was wondering if it would be better of to cut some clones so i dont have to worry about getting more seeds or whatever.
  2. I posted this on a couple of other threads, it is my cloning method and it has served me well over the years. You can clone while the plant is flowering, it takes a bit longer but there are benefits too. When a clone that comes from a flowering plant roots, sometimes it will have several main stems or shoots, which can equal more/higher yield.
    Hope this helps you out...........chunk
  3. is, 2) Heated seedling tray with humidity dome or aeroponic cloner,
    very necessairy? i could get everything else but i dont know about that, and also if my plant is in the flowering phase right now, (just started like 4 days ago) could i cut clones but then keep them in the flowering room? all i want is to be able to harvest the one plant i have and then keep it going so i dont have to worry about seedings and what not.
  4. The heated tray helps insure success, and speeds up the process....necessary?, but my success ratio dramatically increased with heat. As for keeping them in the flowering room, no.
    They need at least 18-24 hrs of soft light.

    Most garden centers have heated seedling trays, and if you can't find one, pet stores have heated rock slabs for reptiles that work. If nothing else, keep in an area that is well heated and stays at least in the 70's.

    Hope you figure it out.....chunk
  5. yeah i think ultimately cutting clones just isnt an option for me since i have only one room to do this in and the lights are 12/12... so thanks for the help, but i dont think im gonna be cutting any clones
  6. Not gonna cut clones?! not enough room?! What is this? I can't imagine you not having enough room for a few clones, because you could set up a spot in very little space for them with some CFLs, beside that clones are easier and you can choose the right plant to clone... I like clones a lot, but seeds are fun in their own way as well. Sure seeds take longer, but you are always praying for that super plant to sprout.
  7. ok ok your right =P just im wondering, since my plant is already flowering, could i cut some clones and have it just become its own flowering plant?
  8. Yeah, you can do that. The only downside is your clones will be in the flowering stage from the get go, which means small yields. It is much better to take cuttings from the veg cycle, but you can grow from flowering no problem.
  9. do you think if i cut the clones of the bottomest side branches they would yeild more than they would being on the plant? probably...

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