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cute little babys !

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by the rainman!, May 18, 2002.

  1. wish would you pic up frist under a shady street corner! a 6 pack of belladonna or a varietu pack ,skunk#1,top ,bog bubble ,and on the bottom g13xhp !hard choice right !lol

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  2. skunk#1 at top bog bubble and g13xhp at the bottom ! very tasty ! wish would you chose??????????? they all look cute !

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  3. these pic are in no way new they were made in 1492 south of the new world of high land !
  4. sorry their all female clones !
  5. yes havent you hert of the may flowering , it wasnty the 3 ship it was their stash ! they sailed across the sea in 3 months just long enough for a grow of hydro! now you know why they allmost missed a new world all togather !
  6. Mayflower........lol..............nice greenery there tazz11..er rainman...

  7. lil n00b3 plant

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  8. nice panda ! i am just comeing back from a close call my grow is destroyed and i have nothing to keep my mind happy that helped what strain and is it a clone dude or from seeds and if you know the strain what seed co. good work dude ! good luck tazz11
  9. I put some seeds in the ground and I had found them in our old garage 3 of them started I took this one indoors and the other 2 are dead.... But no idea what strain it is..... But it better be good... this is my first plant... well when I was 9 and lived with my mom I had a plant but she helped me out on it a lot then sold it.. This one I have had to do all myself and I use a blacklight for a night cyclye it has helped it very much...
  10. learn what you can now before you need it ! it looks great nice and green in color dont wonder about the strain if you dont know what strained it is are you going to let her go for a walk ,out side that means ! or in side ,if in side ,how high can they go and keep her to 12-14 inches before going 12/12if out side remember she can go 16-25 inches before going out ! good luck tazz11
  11. I am going to try and keep it inside im gonna let it grow out more sets of 5 leaves then ill cut the top... so it doesnt get much more then about a foot or so..... and then im just going to keep it under the sunlight in my room untill it buds itself.... after all, the longer you let it grow the bigger the buds will be....
    But who knows what I will finally end up doing...
  12. high panda ,there is to good ways to top her ,one is done when very small 5-8 inches and the other at 10-16 on biger .the frist is just to pinch off the vert top 1/2inch this makes the braches biger at a younger age and works well ,the secound is done just before flowering or in early flowing stage this is to top the plant three inches -4inches this is done so the toped part can become o clone ! i like and use both at times ,toping works well on some strains as well as some plants ! like bog bubble toped well !and as did g13xhp these two strain stay short thats why i grow them both in my cool temp grow the g13xhp got to 20 inches and the bog bubble to 22 inches ,geting 15 grams of g13xhp and 27 grams of bog bubble this may not sound like a lot but these are very top shelf and great tasteing as well , i think your plat is looking good for you so far she look s to be veging good if you want yeild top her latter if you want better grow over all to her short this well make the plant fuller and easyer to handle ! good luck tazz11
  13. sorry i was rereading your post 5 sets of leafs ,better to count the nudes like a ladder up the plants stem i dont count the bottom set !most of the time i wait toell the plant is 10-12 inches before toping why the plant has a higher growth rate a can recover better from it !i never count the unopen leaf sets at top 3 inches for it would become a clone ! this works for me and i hope it well help !
  14. I am sooo sad

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  15. I went to a rave and when I woke up today it was like that and there were some small holes in the leaves what could have caused this? I am going to try and revive it but I dont think it will work the top part of the plant I think is a lot havier and stronger like I have it propped up and stuff..
  16. I smoked that little amount and it got me stoned.... DAMN if that plant would have grown up more it would been some of the best cali buds... Oh well...

  17. not so nice.....
  18. maybe you could get high off these !

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  19. maybe this one?

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