cut school found treess!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by PhillieBluntCP, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. well i was about a junior in high school and it was towards the end of the year... my friend alex called me from my friend (at the time) brians house phone saying to come to his house cause it was chill to smoke there and he said he would smoke me up but id have to hit him back... at the time i was broke as a joke waiting on my fat tax return so i instantly took the deal haha.... 2nd period walk out of the back of north high school past the dusty bowl and on the streets to walk to this kids house... it was about 2 miles away and would take me like 20 minutes walking on back roads... i was walking and i usually see empty baggies on the ground and just disregard it.... but there was a baggie lying in a pile of bushes that just caught my eye and i thought about it walked back and found a fat ass sack!!! it was full of crystals and keif and i grabbed that shit and walked back happy as a motha fucka..... get to the kids house i weigh the bag its 1.2!!! so i got this fat ass sack of some nuts weed that was just the chillllllest high (my friend thought it was laced cause it crackled when it burned lol i just think it was dry)

    yeah so i felt bad about cutting school but soon forgot about that after finding weed! great feeling
  2. whoops i was trying to post this last night and it said it didnt work but i guess it had haha sorry

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