cut leafs?

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  1. If the plants bent to the side should i cut some of the fan leaves so the buds are in the sun? all helps appreciated.

  2. easy answer...NO

    The buds dont absorb the light and store nutrition...the leaves do.
  3. awesome, thanks for the help man.. didnt even have to wait 5 min :)
  4. Are you saying buds do not need light?
  5. yes I am.
  6. Yea, I think most if not all photosynthesis takes place in the leaves, not the buds.
  7. as far as cutting leaves (not leafs) go, if you can't tuck it, pluck it.
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    Absolutely correct!
  9. I disagree, I always say "Why Pluck it if you can Tuck it?" I never pluck or cut any leaves I just tuck and layer the leaves as needed....This insures a very happy and vigorous plant.

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