Discussion in 'General' started by KJ7, Jan 14, 2004.

  1. FUCK I ordered two metal pipes from another site and today, 3 weeks after i purchased it, I received my product. Only the box had green "Inspected by U.S. Customs" tape around it. So I open it up, and where the pipes were supposed to be, it was opened and nothing. I guess also the site decided to give me a free gift, a pen pipe hiden in styrofoam round things, and that was still there. It was an unmarked box and everything. Also, I later (before receiving the first package) ordered a shitload of stuff (1 bong, 3 pipes and a pen pipe) and am awaiting that order, hopefully it wont be stopped, but its gonna be even larger that the package before. Am I in trouble with customs or anything?
  2. dude that sucks
  3. Wow! Now that is some shit. I don;t think you are in trouble but your name and address might be noted somewhere. Good luck on the other package.

    What website did you order from so this doesn't happen to anyone else that reads this.
  4. i ordered it from

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