Customs agents find 'B.C. Bud' under cow manure

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  1. A Canadian truck driver transporting cattle was arrested Tuesday as he attempted to enter the United States after an inspection of his freight uncovered several million dollars worth of marijuana.

    Officers from U.S. Customs and Border Protection detained the driver, Edwin Roy Fuller, 39, of Langley, British Columbia, at the Sumas crossing after discovering 1,746 pounds of high-grade marijuana also known as "B.C. Bud."
    The value of the seized contraband, which can sell for up to $6,000 per pound in the United States, was estimated to be over $6 million.
    Fuller's truck was selected for an inspection Tuesday, and after officers removed the cattle to examine the truck's trailer with a x-ray imaging device, discovered a hidden compartment in the floor.

    According to a news release, "officers scraped off the natural byproduct of cows and endured the associated odors to unbolt false panels which concealed hundreds of plastic bags of marijuana beneath."

    Officers needed 69 large boxes to repackage the marijuana for transport. Fuller was turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, and is awaiting his first appearance in U.S. District Court in Seattle.
  2. Wowwwwwwww thats a good way to hide it! and buds taste fine :)
  3. I bet he thought it was fool proof.

    That's too bad.
  4. ^ agreed

    Damn, someone isn't gonna be very happy...
  5. Digging through cow shit to find dried plant matter.

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    That's something else then getting arrested with a dime bag.. I'd sure be pissed if someone fucks up my 6mill worth of weed:mad:

    EDIT: those 6million is only what they bring in, I'm sure every cop on the scene took a bag home, fucking pigs. How else do they know that it's BC Bud if they dont smoke
  7. Because it's from fucking BC. Jesus....
  8. Sorry dude, never smoked BC bud before, or even heard of it, I live in Amsterdam.
  9. ^^lol you're missing out
  10. $6K a lb?

    I have never bet an elbow worth $6,000.

  11. 6k a pound is pretty steep around here. Anyway, the last batch of bud I got did smell like manure...

  12. BC = British Colombia :rolleyes::rolleyes:

    But yeah what a shitty way to get caught... No pun intended :p:p
  13. The question is why dig threw cow shit, how did they know weed was in there??:confused::mad::smoking:
  14. lol if you read the whole thing, it says that they used an x-ray machine to find a hidden compartment in the floor, which was most likely under the manure
  15. If I had been one of those cops, I'd just have decided to trust the driver and report to the boss that everything's allright - wouldn't wanna dig through shit just to bust him even if it was heroin..
  16. Thats what it is estimated to cost by the time it makes it's way through a food chain of dealers till it gets to the south/florida. Price keeps going up the further it goes.
  17. damn if I was that guy I would hope that they locked me up for life. cuz as soon as he is back on the streets his head will be on a plate. Its funny they say 6 Grand a pound, I never pay over 3. fuck the police
  18. yeah the police always say the amount in streetvalue, that's usually 10 times more, especially with harddrugs.
  19. jesus fuck, an x-ray imaging device!? that sucks....damn pigs are just fucking up the economy even more now :mad:
  20. You know how they are. Fuckin' everything up for everyone.
    And then they wondering why everyone hates them.

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