Customized Bubbler with Chambers (HD Pics)

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    I just used this thing and it milks up instantly.The hits are extremely smooth.It breaks up in 3 different pieces. And I got the bowl for free. Me and my roommate named it Mr.Game and Watch.All together it was 85$
  2. Looks kinda..... Sketchy sitting like that

    You should have gotten 'feet' or a base for that

    I can see that falling over and breaking.

  3. It can't stand for it's self, so i was resting it on my speaker. But yea your right I need one.
  4. Shameless Bump
  5. Reminds me of a saxophone haha. I like the big ash catch on it. Looks like it hauls but personally I would of found something that can stand itself up! Nice piece otherwise :smoke:

  6. It actually has little to no drag but yea my next purchase for it is definitely a stand

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