Custom Oxi Aquafarm Pot

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  1. Just sitting around kinda bored thinking what can I do with 18.5 ltr mineral water container.

    I gets the idea to convert this container into a hydro dripper system but allwing space for the roots to drop into the nutrient solution.

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  2. Right so i cut the top part off the container very carefully. Then added the holes so that i can attatch the dripper lines I used a solder Iron as not to shatter the plastic.

    I made 4 holes in the lid soon to be the bottom of the pot.

    Next I attached the dripper lines to the unit.

    I am going to fill the top with Clay balls PH to 4

    The nutrient will be pumped up from the resavuar by small pump.

    Ill add a ceramic air stone for super charged nutrient solution.

    Ive got to add the clear air pipe to the side to act as a Nutrient level indicator.

    I also need to add a drain off valve to the unit.

    Ill get her up and running tonight and leave her see throutgh so you can see how she works then i will have to cover the bottom of the unit in silver foil Tape and make a Mylar cap to fit the top so the unit is Light tight.

    Let us all no what you think should be good for 1 plant.

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  3. looking good dude
  4. I have now nearly finished the bucket just a drain off tap to be fitted and the clayballs to go in the top of the unit and the lid to go.

    Let me no what you all think ?

    Ime going to flower a big bud seedling in her in a couple of weeks time.

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