Custom Bong w/ Pics

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    Custom in the sense that I made it myself :p
    In my ceramics class we had the assignment to make a teapot. The teacher called my design "clever"

    The little star is just a little lid or whatever. Underneath is where the bowl goes:


    The mouth peice is kind of hidden in one of the handles:


    Planning on using this cheap little bowl with it:


    So, any thoughts? :wave:
  2. thats sick man haha! does the martini slide fit? and you shouldve made the other handle have a carb so it could be a huge steamroller thing.
  3. Well congrats to you man. When I proposed my "tea pot" to my art teacher she called me out. "well that looks too much like a bong so your gonna have to make a few changes.":rolleyes:
  4. The hole shrunk when the clay dried so I have to shave the hole a little bit bigger but it'll be no problem. I also am not a fan of carbs on bongs, wanted to go purely slides on this one, so that's why I didn't do the steamroller thing.:)

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