Curved down?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by angrysniper, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Any guys have a penis thats curved down instead of up or straight? I do, I'm just wondering how common it is. I'm circumcised also, and I think that is what caused it. I think there was a little less skin left on the bottom so it caused it to bend downwards when hard. I've seen some guys with curved down ones in pornos so I know I'm not alone. I try to tuck straight up when its hard so that my boxers hold it up, but it still curves down.
  2. I have no idea... but the idea of you with boxers on with a hrd dick tucked up in then made me giggle.

    I'm not sure why......
  3. no but mine is kind of slanted.. lol
  4. totally normal. not all peni (notice the plural use of penis haha) are supposed to be straight as an arrow...
  5. mine curves to the left (from my perspective anyway).. i guess my girl thinks it curves to the right?

    i use mine to my advantage. if i lay my girl on her side, it's more likely to hit her g spot.. if yours curves down, the girls will love it from the back!
  6. mines got the slight gangsta lean:cool:

  7. It doesn't matter anyway, girls can just reverse cowgirl it

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