Currently enjoying my first experience with firecrackers.

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  1. I'm stoned.

    I'm completely retarded right now and its 4:15am.

    I have strep throat or something so smoking is really painful right now. I haven't smoked in about a week, so I learned how to make firecrackers.

    Well I started making them at about 1 am. Ate them at about 2am.
    I made 2 graham crackers sandwiches each, for me and my friend.
    Use about 2g's each of decent mids between 4 crackers.

    This is my first time on edibles right now.
    My friend and I are blitzed!:smoking:

    I actually had kinda low expectations but right now I am realizing that I have never been so high on grass alone.

    There is a cat trying to get my legs!
  2. Could be also that you have not smoked in a week.
  3. It's wonderful.

  4. Firecrackers rule, If you have a gram and want to be high all day make one :hello: well I used dank when I did it so I was High for 12:00 to like 6:00 I was going normal but then we smoked
  5. Yeah, I was really dissappointed with firecrackers :( and edibles in general.

    I mean, I do have a very high tolerance lately because I've been averaging like 3g a day in blunts for the past month or so, but I have made both brownies (12g) and firecrackers (4g) and neither honestly had a noticeable effect.

    The brownies I didn't have a pan (I'd just moved in) to make cannabutter so I just baked the herb in so that probably is my issue. and the firecrackers, well I made 4 last week and I look at the last one everytime I walk in my kitchen so....

  6. Yeah man you gotta make the butter me and some friends made the mistake it tasted sooo bad lol we had to go to the nearest store to get ice cream and chocalate syrup to get it down and even then it was hard... but correctly done they should taste the same and you should have no probs getting them down.
  7. i tryed firecrackers one time too, got really really high for a long time it was nice. It was def. a different high for me though more of a body high, but it was fun for sure:smoking:
  8. Well I mean I ate all the brownies with big glasses of milk. I'd eat about 2 at a time and not feel too much, maybe a slightly noticeable buzz, but incomparison to 12g worth of blunts. Not even close.

    As for firecrackers, MUCH better taste. My girl and I decided to try and put hersheys chocalte in them like smores but tried on just one cuz it fucks up the peanut butter seal around the edge and doesnt melt well. However, I still think the idea for a firecracker smore is very intriguing.
  9. I really need to try Firecrackers soon, they sound good.

    Glad you're enjoying your first experience man :smoking:

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