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  1. Fixing to start a hydro setup going with the CC uc four site system, in a sj 4x4 tent w phantom 600w digital, w 6" AC hood, I'm wanting to know what would the best nute setup to use mite be a two or maybe three part at q strength? I've read where these systems don't like a lot of additives but can push a lot of nutes safely to plants, any info at all would be greatly appreciated!
  2. whats a "CC uc"? and "sj"?
  3. I use general hydro 3 part, i follow their recommended schedule, BUT its at about 80% strength. For instance, i fill the resi to 50 gallons and add nutes based on 40 gallons. Less is better, cuz once you over nute its hell trying to fix.

    Systems i use currently are ebb and gro with 1" air stones in each bucket.
    Also started a room with 10 deep water culture 5gal buckets, large airstone in each bucket, the top has a 6" net cap. I have one Bubba Con going in another room and its totally out growing my others, the stalk is twice the size.

    So based on the DWC experince Im going to set up an undercurrent system later this month, I plan on taking pics of the process and will post.
  4. Awesome bro, found a few more threads seems its as carried as any other setup some ppl say the plants just devour bytes in his system and some are using the Lucas system and still seeing huge plants, I'm thinking I mite go w sensi a and b w a booster at the end, try a few different routes

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