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  1. I have virtually no closet space except for what's in the pictures:

    Height: 2 ft, 5in
    Length: 2 ft
    Width: 2 ft

    The white styrofoam cup named "Sparky" was the first bagseed I planted on July 25th and given 1 CFL 23w(100w equiv) bulb on a 24/0 schedule.
    The "propagator" with the plastic dome has 4 peat plugs in it with 4 seeds in them all planted on July 26th.

    At the authouring of this post, the whole grow space in the picture is how it's been till today save for the second CFL 23w(100w) that you see in the Y-splitter. The second CFL was added yesterday and I added the book and white cardboard box beneath it which are under Sparky's cup in the photos but I have some questions:

    - - Should Sparky been leaning so much like he is? Prior to this morning he was standing up straight at a height of 4.75 inches but now he is 5.5 inches and has that crazy leaning business going on. (This morning is when the book and cardboard box beneath it were added, thus prior to that Sparky's cup rest straight upon the printer paper that lines the floor) Did Sparky grow tall during the night, get too hot and shift away from the heat and then continue growing vertical when it was cooler?
    I checked soils and they are moist and the room stays an average 82 degrees Farenheit.

    - - What else can I do to maximize my grow space? I'm a broke college student, thus the printer paper on the floor, the broken mirror, the 2 CFLs in a Y-Splitter and the cd velcroed to right of the grow space(which is the back of a dresser that i set inside the closet, which isn't a true closet, it's just a inset 2 ft. X 12ft. X 12ft chunk of wall. Doesn't even have doors.) The top of the grow space on the outside shows a brow fabric push-pinned across the top of the space, and underneath it (what you don't see) is a brand new solid white t-shirt push-pinned across the top of the space.

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  2. Your lights are too high causing them to stretch. Get those lights as close to your plants as possible. My CFLs are normally 2-3 inches away from the top.
  3. -UPDATE-

    Sooo, I went to the store and bought an emergency blanket and retrofitted my grow space today. :)

    Sad news however, i busted one of my CFLs in the process :mad: So picking one of those up in the morning. On to the question at hand:

    What's wrong with Sparky? I've had him on my desk while i was blanketing the growspace and my wife says he leaned towards the light on the ceiling in our bedroom (a good 10 feet above the desk upon where he sat) for the duration of my retrofitting (which was roughly 30 mins.) I checked his leaves and they've been growing big all day, so that seems to check ok, but ever since I put him back in the grow room (in the exact same orientation you see in the photo) after i finished the blanketing, he never stood back up. His leaves turned right towards the CFL in the middle of the shot, but he won't stand up.

    Is he gonna make it, doc? Is he gonna make it? Can I construct a stand of sorts for his stem? construct it out of like a paper clip or something; make a Y shape thingy?

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  4. --UPDATE--

    Today, August 15, I have a new update of my current grow. Sparky has since gone from this over stretching little dude to a healthy plant. Him and Chompy both.

    Here are current photos as of 20 minutes ago. (The reason they are at different levels is because I thought the growth has been getting lazy? (someone told me that...) so I moved the plants an extra inch or two away from the ends of the bulbs. Should they be closer?

    Sparky has been on veg since August 8th and Chompy started veg today (well last night, since Chompy went through his first 6hr lights off schedule). Starting today Chompy and Sparky both are vegging until the top is about 1' then I'm gonna switch to flowering.

    When should I consider topping or FIMing? And as far as nutes, they both have had
    some 15-30-15 plant food but i only gave them both 1/4 strength on this first watering. (which was yesterday).

    The smell is starting to become noticeable at times. My wife and I will just be sitting here and then suddenly (I smell weed but we're not smoking). What's the cheapest odor control I can get away with for now? or since the smell doesn't even leave the bedroom, should I just ignore it for now? (in about 2 weeks I'll have funds to get a better solution.)

    And on that note, with the new influx of cash I can get some more lights cause I know I don't have enough. I want each plant to have a minimum of 2CFLs right now.

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  5. Get a ona mister, or some ona gel.
  6. --UPDATE--

    Decided to turn this into a grow journal since things seem to be going well and I keep coming up with questions.

    Why is Sparky as tall as he is? I think its because there aren't CFLs directly over him.
    And with the 4 CLFs in there now, i'm reaching a steady 90 degrees. Is that safe for the plants? I mean the leaves look fine and healthy after yesterday (18 hours of 90 degrees)

    Here are some current photos as of this morning.
    Sparky - Veg: 13 days today
    Chompy - Veg: 4 days today

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  7. 90 degrees is a little high, the fire blanket probably doesn't help much with that... why didn't you use just flat white paint if you are on a budget?

    Did you perhaps mean that Chompy is a little tall?

    It's bag seed right? so you have no idea what strains they are? are they from the same bag?
  8. Honestly, I thought the emergency blanket would help with light reflection better than just flat white paint but I'm open to all criticism. This is my first grow and I want to learn as much as I can for this grow and future endevours. (My buddy also loaned me the "Medical Grower's Bible" written by Jorge Cervantes so I'm getting as much info from that AND reading as many posts on this forum.) The walls of this rooms are entirely flat white, should i just remove the emergency blanket entirely?

    Oops, yeah I meant Chompy is a little tall. I used a pipecleaner and gently wrapped it around his stalk and leaned him over to the left towards the bulbs. He/she seems to have responded well to that.

    And yeah, these are two seeds from the same bag. A bag of "sawdust" if you will.

    Tomorrow I'm retrofitting a 3-drawer dresser that was given to me today so I can finish vegging and flowering one plant in there and the other plant gets to keep the current room.


    Thanks so far everybody.

    Toke on....:smoke:

  9. ordered some Ona Gel today and I wish i could remember the post that I saw on this forum, but someone here on the forums came up with an "Ona Bucket", if you will.

    Using a 5-gallon bucket, Honeywell Fan, duct tape, One Gel and Soil Moist Polymer.
    Reported great results with it. I'm setting that up soon :D

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