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Curling Leaves and Fungus? Whats this!? (Pics Included)

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by whiteb0inewb, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Hey every one!

    So I had posted a week or so ago regarding a spider mite infestation. I believe that I got that under control, and now a new problem has surfaced. So here's the scenario....

    -I found a plant in my backyard and have been taking care of it since the discovery.
    -I sprayed the plant down with neem oil, and all spider mites seemed to have disappeared.
    -The plant is in straight soil, and in natural sun light.
    -The plant is about 4 weeks into veg.
    -I got some fertilizer from my dads house (not sure what the n-p-k is but he planted some new plants, and I'm sure the fertilizer is high in N) I sprinkled a little on top of the soil layer.
    -I also grabbed some miracle grow for all plants. (highest in Nitrogen, I believe 24%) I diluted this, 1/16th TBSP of miracle grow to 1 quart of water. I was told to dilute a lot, as to not shock my plant on the first application.
    -I also "topped" the plant two days ago.

    I went outside this morning to check on the plant, and I noticed small brown patches forming on a couple of the lower fan leaves. The leaves are beginning to curl at the edge. The brown hasn't moved up the plant to the biggest fan leaves yet. Also the node on the left fan leaf got very brown (right where all leaves connect to the stem). The right appears healthy. I want to save my plant before she dies!

    Could it possibly be from over watering? I watered her on Sunday, and it has rained twice since then and two more days to come.

    Could it be too much nutes for the plant? I need some advice, I am new to growing and could use a helping green thumb :) Thanks everyone!

    p.s sorry for the shitty quality pictures, they were taken from my iPhone, so the focus isn't the greatest =/

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  2. bump?

    the burns have gotten worse, and it rained last night. I believe that it is either over feeding, or a P deficiency.

    could any one confirm? :(

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