Curled Leaves With Small Red Dots (2 Week Old) - Please Help

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by crypnotize, May 30, 2013.

  1. Set up - DWC 
    2 weeks old
    Have not controlled temperature/humidity well enough.
    4x4 grow tent
    LED lights
    My leaves on both plants are curling up/in on themselves and I have notices small red dots (thinking about it now, the LED could have made the dots appear red, they could very well be yellow)
    I have attached a photo and a link to the grow journal I just created.  If anyone has any ideas? and if it is the temperature that is the problem will they start to get better now that I have the temp and humidity in proper range?
    Thanks for any advice!  :smoke:
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  2. my apologies for the big ass photos :hide:
  3. Idea is to take photos without the grow lights being on ....Now that would be nice, maintain temps at 75f/25c 24/7 to prevent tip curl, if veg have a humidity at about 65 bud go for 45-55% range.
    Red dots...? spider mites spray with neem oil 1x per month
  4. I couldn't access at the time of posting.. but that would be a great idea now wouldn't it haha 
    Thanks for the reply and advice! I Will be sure to upload those lights off pic next time :smoke:  

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