Curiousity: Your body on drugs

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  1. [ame=""]Curiosity: Your Body On Drugs | Sunday November 20th @ 9pm * - YouTube[/ame]

    Has anyone seen this? Its real corny and the episode I saw was hard to watch but its always a gag to watch the stoner try to complete the tasks real calm like, while the hard drug users FREAK out. The episode I saw they were testing the effects of drugs in life threatening situations so they filled a house with fake smoke, gave the abusers a full faced respirator that was blacked out and they had to find a metal lockbox while hardly being able to see.

    Anyway once they started this experiment the users on meth, heroin and cocaine all quit the task due to symptoms of a panic attack and freaked out. However the best part was when the dude on marijuana went when he was high. Once he started he stepped in the front door got on his knees and felt up and down the walls on both sides, moved 6" and repeated trying to analyze everything about the room obviously over thinking because he was ripped. He kept with this process unfortunately not finding the lockbox within the 3 minutes, but he did remain calm and kept his heart rate steady.

    After the users were done they each said a statement while being observed by the doctors and all 3 hard users were irritated, saying they don't want to talk and to get out of their face and stop asking them questions while the dude on pot came out with a big smile on his face and cracked a joke. Classic stoner.

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