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  1. a women is married and bisexual and loves women and she joins different sites to find a bisexual girlfriend but she finds out she the only bisexual female.
  2. So much enlightenment here
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  3. An interesting experiment that was conducted a few years ago found that women were universally aroused by sexual images, without regard to claimed orientation or the genre of porn. From these claimed findings, women are, in a sense, all bisexual. Men, on the other hand, were strictly aroused by one gender or the other, even if they claimed bisexual orientation.

    I'd like to re-read that study, if I can find it...
  4. I find this false. I believe everyone is bisexuals just like animals. A male animal will hump another male then bang a female the next day. I think it just depends on the environment and how accepting it is. We know most areas would bash two men holding hands but it's ok for two women too.

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    Sade's outdoor Bigfoot territory grow
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