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  1. I'm sure Preston would be cool with you going over there and taking some video of his work/new shop, plus I still need to go over there and see it, been busy lately but its supposed to have a whole office dedicated to glass/dabbing now haha so I need to check it out. Yeah I don't think filming would be possible in the old shop, it's crammed as hell. You're bound to get a faster response from Hex then from Preston too from what I've noticed, but they're both extremely busy. It's been 2 weeks and I haven't seen any progress so far on my recycler unfortunately so I can only imagine how many orders they are having to make. It would be awesome to see one of those get made though.
  2. Man I'm jealous of your cycler. Then again I'm not an oil head but still. I think I could squeeze a couple nice angles in the old shop though. Especially of Preston's GTT (think its a GTT?) from that back right shelving area. BUT good news is I spoke with HEX! Going in Thursday to get some test shots and work out the kinks. Think you might be able to stop by Dabbed? They're putting together some worked waffles :D shit I'm stoked. My weeks looking great! Checking out a VW Camper today, filming Thursday and Friday with awesome glassblowers, hoobs and hops at goosefire on Saturday and flying lotus and animal collective on Sunday!!! :hello: :smoke:
  3. Yeah I'm pretty sure that Preston's torch is a GTT, very very nice. And yeah PM me a time that you're going to be there, I'll definitely stop through for a little while to check out the shop, dab and chill. I'll let preston know I'm coming over then.
  4. hey i PM'd ya brutha! hope you can make it today, either way i'll have preston hit you up or something so we can get a sesh goin :D i'm ready to throw down hard on some videos, batteries charged gonna dump my photos and wipe my CF card so i got all 16 gb free for this :wave: keep an eye on this thread people, i'll be getting some really cool stuff in here VERY soon! and i'm super excited for what i'll bringing to the table, definitely stuff that you don't see in most GC threads.
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    alright, took two tries to get it right, but i tried using some different music and changed some stuff in the video and youtube's not gonna change the audio now so i think we're good. gonna get to real edit here soon, also coming in the next few days is Hoobs & Hops "Let it Ride" from the GooseFire show on the 22nd. enjoy guys!

  6. Bump, no love for waffles?
  7. [​IMG]

    Wicked Sands 10 Arm Tiny Tube my girlfriend just picked up for a STEAL:cool:
    $150. I dig it a lot, she's got a disc slide at home that'll fit the Sheldon Black diffy the guy threw in with it. rips pretty fat, 13" tall and pretty functional. All in all, I'd say good purchase and I know she's stoked on her first bong. :wave:
  8. Nice pick up for $150!
  9. That's a sick first tube Curious! She's a lucky lady haha. Get a smexy worked slide to go on that bad boy too!
  10. Sweet tube she got, like the bore size.
  11. its good a little ripper for sure, and it stays at my house for the most part too :hello: just got my micro 7/13. thing is insane! i love it! pics and videos to come.
  12. subbing cause of that CAC you posted.
  13. welcome flammz, 'preciate the love. :wave: how's it goin?

    might as well post it up here too :D

    I picked up this dubbler from CaC just in time for Halloween! Stoked on it, it's got a big CaC 2kX mib on it and it's comprised of over 90 pieces. CaC is one of my favorite artists and I love the basketweave style, so I'm super happy to have been able to jump on this opportunity. Anyone else with some Carlson Glass here?



  14. Late night for me haha
    I wish I had some CAC, been in love with his weaves since I first saw it and once I understood how it's comprised of chips, I had a newfound respect for the man and loved it even more.
    Such a sick piece there.

    Thankfully, I did at least get to see some of his work in person at the marble show at Made gallery in Chicago. They had a few sets of sherlocks with matching hollow marbles and ring stands. No one does black and white like Carlson.
  15. yeah dude, weaves are some incredible shit, i really like the circular weaves and this piece has a lot of those. i was hooked on him after i saw a few sherlocks, really had my heart set on getting one of those then this piece popped up and it was hardly more than one of his sherlocks go for anyways, plus with halloween and everything... it was too perfect. one caveat though, i forgot how much weed push bubblers will crush! might nick name it the weed eater.. shit!

    how are the made shows? they have a really nice gallery from what i've seen in pictures. i've seen some of those sets though, they are SICK!
  16. Haha yeah push bubs aren't the best but snorkel carbs sure help!
    I'd love a sherly/marble set, there's one for sale somewhere but it's undoubtedly out of my range and I usually go for more depth anyways.

    Marble Madness at Made was my first glass show and it was pretty sweet. The work was marked up obviously but there were still some good deals to be had and they have a lot of SICK functional work as well. You've probably seen the functional skull that's a collab between T Funk, Scott Deppe, Adam G (I always feel like I'm leaving someone out...)

    It's definitely a nice shop, but it's small as hell and they have the weirdest fucking hours.
    It is literally a small 2story house with the shop on the first floor. There is literally a kitchen lol

    If you can, you should get down to GooseFire gallery for the Marble Masters show Nov 10&11th, it's gonna have the 4 artists from the Made show (Sable, Recko, Kobuki, Gong) plus like 10 others including Hanshaw, Jared DeLong, Tiemeyer, John Bridges, Richard Hollingshead, etc.
    I wish I could fly out so bad. It's gonna be artist direct prices too, no gallery markup like Made had!
  17. i'm sure a matching set is somewhere near a grand, if not over. but yeah, it sounds like good time man, i'm kicking myself for skipping the carlson show goosefire had. and that skull is ridiculous, i'd love to see that thing in person.. WOW! made sounds like an odd situation though, definitely not how i pictured it haha.

    nice dude! i always enjoy glass shows big time. i feel somewhat starstruck shaking hands with all these artists whose work i've stared at and wished for for so long. i was gonna try to go Kristian Merwin's show tonight, but it's an hour drive and i had no one to go with. but yeah i plan on marble madness! especially if Kenan's work will be there, i have two of his function pieces that are pictured in this thread. his work is so unique, everyone and people always freak about the huge honeycomb mib on the end:D favorite dry for sure. but yeah that show is sure to be good, i gotta plan out a sesh or two because like i said, it's sort of a hike up there. plus a $5+ toll both ways.
  18. I was lucky enough to be able to stay at someone's house for the weekend of Made, I just had to pay $240 for a flight. So worth it to meet other collectors and like you said meeting the artists is so awesome.
    Carlson was a featured artist at the show too which is why his sherlocks and marbles were on display in the front room too. He also had some big wooden hand painted sherlocks hanging on the walls behind the counter for sale, along with his photography of course :)
    He was the one featured artist I didn't get a chance to talk with.

    My Tiemeyer marble is definitely one of my favorites, it's a shame he backed out on making a matching stand for me. His fume work is amazing though, I peeded the dries you have earlier, definitely some of the sickest functionals.
    My girlfriend has my Tiemeyer pendant, I miss it from time to time haha

    I'm not a big fan of crowds or anything and I don't meet new people real well most of the time, but Made was too cool. It's so easy to talk to people when you're all drooling over the same thing haha I've NEVER had anyone to talk glass with before. I would kill to live in Cali just for the chance to get out to some of the GooseFire shows.

    I literally booked a flight to NY for the weekend of Marble Masters a week before HPG announced the show. SO. BUMMED. I would trade my time at Made to go to GooseFire 100x over.
    But it wasn't meant to be I guess, I hopefully have someone who will scoop a sick Gong marble for me, his work was definitely my favorite to see in person at Made, though I have a new love for Kobuki's work as well after seeing it in person and getting my jellyfish pendant.

    Need...more...fume work :yummy:

  19. man i hear you, i wish i had more people to talk glass with myself, those events definitely make it easy. but honetly, HPG shows attract a lot of obnoxious people. there's a lot of down to earth people, but between the pretentious hippies and swag fags, it's difficult to have a decent conversation with anyone. plus it's loud as fuck, everyone's talking at once, there's no organization and it's hot as hell. plus the empty store front a few doors down used to be an after party central gathering spot, and it would get nice and globby in there until a coffee shop moved in. i'm not close enough with anyone for an invite to most after party events, plus i gave up dabbing and i only smoke flowers now. that makes me uncool i guess, haha. i will say though, that you need to check out a goosefire show SOMETIME in the near future, the glass and artists they feature are always on point of course and the direct contact you get with artists is super cool. i'm not sure i'd fly out just for one, but definitely make a vacation out of it.

    the thing about the spoon though, kenan told me he wasn't very into functionals at the time, but i had been meaning to scoop a double honeycomb since i saw one 2 or 3 years ago. and i guess he was somewhat reluctant to do one because neither felt that inspired to me. don't get me wrong, the work on it is masterful and absolutely gorgeous but i know what the guy is capable of and i think he had his mind somewhere else at the time. unfortunate, but i still have a piece i've always wanted.

    oh i meant to ask you man, when you mentioned the snorkel carb, does that have any functional benefit over a normal carb?
  20. might as well dump some goodness that's been queuing up now, and i'm sorry folks. i'm slackin on my HD photos i know. i promise i'll whip the camera out soon and get some worthy snaps of everything cleaned up n lookin purdy for y'all:hello:

    listenin to some And So I Watch You From Afar. good post rock! check out their self titled album if you like this.
    [ame=]And So I Watch You From Afar - A Little Solidarity Goes A Long Way (Music Video) - YouTube[/ame]

    family shot - minus the CaC dubbler and my girlfriend's disc perc bub by Dougie Glass.

    Huun Huur Tu, Flying Lotus, and Animal Collective concert at the Hollywood Bowl for my gf's birthday! first time i got to see the fabled Hollywood sign too lol. pretty kick ass show, but it was definitely not the right show for a seated venue. crowd was weak and it was too quiet. sound quality was excellent though.

    my favorite post-smoke meal! turkey swiss and garlic with double meat from which wich! seriously delicious. check that meat stackage, boss sandwich here folks.;)

    my rig - Canon 7D + 18-135mm lens and one shitty ass Velbon tripod that i got for free. working on some macro lenses for those crucial diffusion and perc shots!

    the Kenan! little night cap under the stars.

    some fucking unreal XJ-13, this strain's high just goes for hours:smoking: and potent too, 2 hits in and i'd feel a little buzzy in the head, get distracted on the computer and 20 minutes later i'd realize my face is 2" from the screen and my eyes are red as hell. really strong stuff, delayed high with a piney, fuely smell with a lemony flavor on the rip. very strong in both the head and body. not good for pain relief though, and made me a bit racey. overall excellent strain, if i were to rate it: 8/10. lost some points because of look and lack of matured trichs, although the trim was on point and flavor and smell were right there as well.

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