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curious about becoming a care giver

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by MN_northernherb, May 13, 2011.

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  1. in california, can you be a care giver or be a part of a co-op or somehow grow pot for others if you, yourself are not a med. patient?

    or could you own/work in a dispensary?

    just curious because i really enjoy growing cannabis and *someday (maybe after i finish college in two year...)* i'd like to do it more legitimately and maybe for the benefit of others. but (fortunately?) i dont have a physical ailment that would warrant a med card (though some might argue mentally i warrant one haha).

    just curious.
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    Ok so...You have to be a MMJ patient in order to grow marijuana in Cali. Also, to be designated as a caregiver, you must also be a patient. The person who designates you as their primary caregiver must also be a patient.

    Now...the amount you can grow depends on your county. My county allows 6 mature mature plants (flowering) OR 12 immature plants (clones,teens,mothers) OR 8 ounces of marijuana. These amounts are PER patient...meaning if you grow for yourself you can have 6/12/8. If you are a caregiver for someone on top of yourself, you can have 12/24/16. (12 mature OR 24 immature OR 16 ounces/1 pound.)

    Now...there isn't a clear rule of how many people you can be a caregiver to, but too many attracts attention and you may get in big trouble...If you become a caregiver like me, never sell the medication. You always donate it to the patients who can be verified as patients and who NEED it. They may choose to give you money to keep up the grow, but not profit.

    Being a MMJ patient would allow you to work at a dispensary but not open one. You need to file certain paperwork and have a dispensary license to open one up yourself. I have a friend opening up one and its taken him months to do it because of issues such as lease issues, renting issues, landlord ignorance, etc.

    As far as you being a patient, you would need a condition that allows MMJ. If you don't and you for some reason are questioned, if you can't provide evidence that you need the MMJ, you can get into big trouble...I myself had to show the MMJ doctor my past medical files in order to qualify for one year of MMJ.
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