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  1. I picked and manicured my buds yesterday, and i let them sit out in my closet for 24 hours. they are still a little moist but lightly crispy and sticky to the touch. i just put them in two jars and will open in two days, and then seal, and continue for two weeks. Is this a correct procedure? And if not what should I do. They don't smell all that bad, but i would like better. It is some pretty good bud.
  2. I think that you should have perhaps waited a bit longer drying the bud. I just harvested a crop (my first) of purple and pure sativa. I left the colas hanging for 5 days, then rapped in newspaper in a cupboard for about 4 days. The buds were very sticky so i wrapped up a couple joints of each but the taste was very harsh.

    I decided to hang them back up 4 about another 5 days, this time over an HPS i have on an 18 cycle. The bud got trimmed and de-twigged and put into tuppaware boxes. 24 hours later i couldn't resist a smoke and the sweet fruity smell was incredible! The bud was a lot crispier with crystals covering all of the sativa. Cooler smoke and much stronger buzz. I also prefer crumbling cured weed rather picking at stubborn sticky bud, plus the joints burn more evenly.

    I'm not sure if leaving the colas up for too long deteriorates the quality of the THC but I think my next crop will be danglin 4 quite a while!

    Enjoy the fruits of your labour!

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