Curing with ziplock bags ???

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  1. I have heard that plastic can absorb thc but the majority of the bud wont have contact with the bag. Who really has alot of jars laying around. As long as its airtight and stored in a cool dark place it should cure fine?
  2. yeah man i was wondering the same thing. i have tons of jars but they all have holes in them for mycological purposes lol. but if your getting under a pound, i would say go buy some. they are about 10 bux for 12 quart jars at walmart in the canning section. i think it will help for a better cure. i would love to know some bulk curing ideas but no one has provided me with any when i started a thread called "bulk curing" think i got like 4 replies but w/e. try the jars if you dont have alot. if you do, then im not sure but im interested in the answer as well.

  3. How About a bunch of jars? lol
  4. I started with jars, but last year would have needed 24, so used ziplock bags. I am no plastics expert, but have read in one thread that freezer bags are OK, don´t use sandwich bags - wrong sort of plastic. Anyway, I used freezer bags and they cured fine.
  5. yea im expecting a lot of weight as well so im interested in hearing this.
  6. i just checked and those ziplock freezer bags are most defiantly airtight and they are of decent size to. Most people have ziplock bags laying around but not everyone has dozens of airtight jars so its a good fix. Now heres another question. some places say when curing you should let it breath for 12 hours before sealing back up and others say just for a few hours and put them back after repositioning, so which is best? Im thinking use the ziplock bags put them all in a few black garbage bags and tie a knot in that for futher protection.
  7. When curing, I open my bags /jars for about 30 minutes per day. 12 hours (you are not clear if that is PER DAY or not ) is far too long per day.
  8. It is possible just not the best.
  9. ya thats what i thought, why leave them out for 12 hours when they are supposed to be mostly dry already. :smoke:
  10. um, no. a bunch of jars would work dont get me wrong but it would take up far too much space if your expecting to haul more than just a pound or two. i am banking on atleast 2 lbs this year so this idea is not very practical. given that an ounce per jar is the amount (quart sized jars are all that are available around here) it would take 32 jars for 2 lbs of bud. opening and resealing all of those per day would take time and be inconvenient. with big ziplock bags, you could just open 2 zips and be done for a while. it is pretty clear there are advantages here. so jars are great but not so much for bulk curing. lol
  11. just go buy some damn jars you cheep bastard haha:D your willing to risk all that expensive ass ganja that you put all that hard work and risk into over a few bucks for jars. shesh:smoking:
  12. The latest thinking is that large plastic bags let them breathe and are fine for the first couple months of a cure, but ultimately put them in mason jars if you can.
  13. Thank you Johnny! You beat me to it LMFAO. You didn't get to this point by cutting corners did you. I don't know about you, but even an outdoor grow costs me close to a grand each year when it's all said and done. What the hell is another 30 and a little more work to get a good cure. I don't know about putting such a large amount in one cure space/jar/bag. Better make damn sure you don't do anything wrong.
  14. I'm not sure why no one has mentioned this but here's a solution:

    That's the type of thing I use for bigger harvests... It's the exact same as ziplock bags, but better and more air tight.

    Repostioning can be a bit tricky for these things sometimes.
  15. might as well just use mason jars if we were going to use that device.
  16. Yeah, Bormioli Rocco Fido Glass Canning Jars are definitely the classy way to go, but a four liter jar costs about 15 dollars
  17. My buddy has some jars that he can fit a hp in, ill find out where he got em and let u kno.
  18. yeah man let me know def. i been looking for those.
  19. any stores that would carry them that you know of? and 50 bux for that sheesh! the quart jars are a dozen for like 10 bux. who knows if that thing would come to your house in one peice either lol. seems like it would have plenty of oppurtunities to break.

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