Curing with Bananas?

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  1. Might be a dumb idea but I was wondering what would be the effects of curing some bud with a banana in the jar as well? I know the potassium gas that bananas produce causes them to ripen. It'll ripen other fruit too. Maybe it would have some effects on taste and quality? Anyone tried this? Or any recent harvesters wanna throw a nug or two in a jar in the name of science? Lol
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  2. They'll probably just rot and make your weed taste like shit.
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  3. i think you're thinking of the theory that banana's with your seeds will increase the chance of them being female? I don't know bout putting old banana peel with your fresh buds.
  4. No what I mean is the potassium gas might help to further "ripen" the flavor of the bud. As for the rotting, just change the banana out every few days and I think it'd be fine. Plus you'd have tasty weed infused bananas
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  5. i feel like i remember reading something about african tribes burying bud in the ground inside banana peels...
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  6. i feel like i remember reading something about the insides of banana peels having some kind of drug in it...
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  7. If someone told me they cured the bud with bananna peels I wouldn't even smoke it

  8. I doubt they will offer to sell you some with that snobbish attitude.
  9. that would be disgusting and most likely would not cause any noticable advantages
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    Wow none of you guys are even thinking about this...

    OP is pointing out how avocados n such can be ripened quicker in a brown bag with a WHOLE banana...NOT old peels or the pieces of the fruit inside.

    as for how it would effect the curing process, I personally don't know. but it certainly is an interesting thought

    a few quick things...
    and another thread the end, you are probably not going to see any benefit
  11. Why waste time smoking shwagg, mids, regs, bc when I have all the super dank I need? I rather pass it on to someone more desperate. If you grow your bud right, it had all the nutes it needed in the growing process and you shouldn't have to add anything to the curing process.
  12. i remember reading a little bit about this, have anymore info on it

  13. it's all a bunch of hooey and hogwash. A seed's sex is determined before you even germinate it.

  14. A seeds sex cannot be determined until it flowers, you can however tell the chance a seed is a female (e.g. it could be 80% female). You can never tell for sure until it flowers.
  15. Ah the old fruit ripening trick! I know mad sketchy mofo's that use fruit peels to re-hydrate their bone dry stash, then quickly sell it off to mofos under some phony ass fruity name and people smell it and he sells it b/c they can't get enough of the placebo...

    Other than that, since Bud isn't chemically receptive to "ripening" like fruit, I'd image that it would moisten your buds nice and fluffy, sure, but it would probably also hasten the grown of MOLD and bacteria b/c of said moisture, gas and course we know that it attracts MAD INSECTS which will feast on your stash... it only takes 1 fruit fly to breed 100s more in days of decay... Give it a try though and report back w/pics please, this would be very interesting to see. ;)
  16. the ancient dogon tribe in africa have been cultivating marijuana for thousands of years and they claim that the plants are from "aliens" that come from a star system that is too far away to see with the naked eye. its pretty interesting because they call it the two dog plant(canna-bis) from the two dog star(Sirius b). they bury the buds in banana peels for months after their harvest for the curing process, maybe there is something too it.
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  17. ya that last part is what i was thinking

  18. i don't mean determined as in 'the grower can see'

    i mean as in whether or not the plant is male or female.
  19. I completely forgot about this thread :smoke:

    lol I'm glad it got so many answers. I think next time I come across some moist bud I'm gonna try it. I will definitely be sure to post reports as soon as I'm smokin again. I'm still sober for job hunting...:(

  20. Kinda job are you looking for... I know from exp that many .edu's don't test, simply bc many professors and workers are closet blazers. I KNOW bc I've talked with a LOT at work, lol! :hello:

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