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  1. After a sticky harvest and a slow dry i have am now curing!!! my question is can i put ne thing into one of the jars to maybe mess about with taste or smell (ie) orange peel grated or summing like that 'has i have a few jars there i thought it cant hurt if i just try one...CAN IT?
    idea's please
  2. For some reason this doesnt seem a 18 and older post.. -_-''
  3. no prob. last year i cured my bud with orange peels. and the next batch with Kiwi peels (it was amazing!)
    to my knowledge u can use a variety of peels for flavour and scent. But if the fruit/vegetable is moist you will end up with mold. so work with it. for example, when i used kiwi peels i shaved off the excess kiwi fruit left on the peels then left them out for a day till they became a bit dry and then threw them in. Just dont put too many peels, a few will do the trick! youll realize that ure bud will be damp enouph. also dont forget leave your jars open for 15 minutes a day.
  4. ??im guessing your lost in cyber world and somehow found yourself here @ grasscity'

  5. Does it matter? Like who cares. *bitch slaps you*
  6. from how danky those nugs look why would u wanna?
  7. peels are bulllshit, doens't improve anything but smell, those nugs don't need it. if your curing them fill the jars completely with buds then put a lid on so absolutely no air can get in. make sure there dry though or mold with destroy.
  8. only fill them 3/4 full - not full
  9. is this better to keep the jars in cooler or is it ok to store them at room temp.?
  10. you want them in a "cool" place. Not necessarily cold, but definitely not hot.
  11. Roger that.

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