curing question, again.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Druggerdude, Nov 2, 2003.

  1. i am not sure if this is two different ways or you do one after the other or what. first i heard you are supposed to hang the plant upside down in a dark cool place like a closet for about 2-4 weeks. then i heard you are supposed to harvest the buds on your plant and put them in an airtight jar which you open 1 a day for and hour or two. with the second method are you supposed to open to jar at a specific time and tempature so not to get moisture to cause mold.

    I heard something about curing(second method above); if its drying to fast add a citrus-type peel which will add moisture and flavor. where do u put the peel on top of the bud, below or mix in. and how many peels would i add for one plant. please help.

  2. The first mentioned way is the only way to go. If you put fresh harvested buds in a jar you'll end up with a big lump of mold. So have a little patience, hang the manicured plants upside down in a dark, well ventilated place for about 2 weeks. Don't apply any heat! After 2 weeks you can separate the buds and give them a final cure in airtight containers. Don't forget to give'em some air every day. Cured buds must be stored in a cool and dark place since light deteriorates thc!
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  3. hippie john harvest technique:

    first i cut each individual bud from the plant, leaving about 1/2" of exposed stem. next hang all the buds upside in a dark ventilated box (or lay them on a screen (1/4" holes) inside the box).... leave in the box anywhere from 2 - 3 weeks at about 40% humidity and 80F.....

    store in sealed glass or plastic (non-recycled plastic) jars.... if your buds are dried properly from being in the box, then you shouldnt have to open the jar anymore..... and for long term storage, although i havent tried it, i might suggest that filling the jar with CO2 (take a chunk of dry ice and put it in a pitcher, and add some warm water and pour the CO2 (just the gas, no water) into the jar (after you have already filled it with your harvest) until its full, then screw the cap on.... i'll do some testing of the jars to make sure theres no implosions or explosions....
  4. For long term storage I would advice a vacuum sealer and store the vacuum bags in your freezer. I know it's done this way in European coffee shops to keep their stock fresh and potent.

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  5. if going the vacuum route, i would suggest jars instead of bags..:)

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