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  1. Ok guys. How many different ways are there to cure your harvest? For a long time, I thought the only way was the "traditional" way by hanging it to dry then putting it in jars blah blah blah for up to a month or so. Then today, I bump into water curing. Not that is interesting. So here is the situation. When I have a crop I need to choose which methods I should employ. At present, I plan on doing half "traditional" and half wet. What I'm wondering about is are there other options I don't know about? Are there modifications to either that can be made to enrich flavor, speed up process, etc. Also, to those who have done multiple methods, I would like to hear about your experiences good and bad so I can get a game plan together. Peace!

  2. I water cured some bud recently.. came out as expected. No taste, but smooth. Just be
    sure you water cure for at LEAST seven days.. I dont care how clear the water is on day
    four or whatever. I smoked some that only cured four days, was bad. The seven day stuff
    was way smoother, even though I didnt notice any water color changes on those days.

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  3. Water curing sounds like a good idea. But I want to tatse that dank Skunkiness, or the piney taste of Kush. Thats just me I like the traditional way just tweaking it to make it better.
  4. Hi!

    Can you please post a link to water curing? I'm very interested but I can't find any info about it.

  5. This is prolly the most comprehensive explanation I've come across...
  6. i'd like to hear other peoples opinions on this.... Ive never heard of water curing before but it sounds legit.
  7. High there This is the thread I found which lead me to GC!

    I loved it, only did 6 buds as I dried them behind my fan and didn't have room to dry more. It is like getting 2 kinds of bud from the same plant! Give it a go, you get to smoke your stealthly, super potent bud to smoke in 7 days!

    Good luck

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