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  1. :wave:

    Just wondering, is it alright to have a HUGE airtight jar that can hold a couple o's?

    And would it matter if the jar isn't glass? like a hard plastic maybe?
  2. That is a good question. i've always seen the little 1 quart glass mason jars. I wouldn't think that it would matter but it would be good to hear some expirienced advice. Anyone?

    p.s. have you heard about water curing? looks/sounds interesting, i think i might try that with a portion of my crop and compare.
  3. I have heard about it but tbh, im not that interested. The jars seem like my kind of solution to cure with. But yes i really want to know if size and material plays a part in curing jars. :smoking:
  4. Size doesnt matter as long as you are properly burping...Some people use big plastic store totes...And yes a food safe plastic that doesnt smell like plastic works...however i love glass because there is no way you will get any smell/taste from good ol glass
  5. Saweeet!
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  6. The only problem I can think of is if the jars are really big you could possibly have a problem with mold in the center. Though as long as you move the nugs around regularly (until there completely dry) this shouldn't be an issue.

    Go for it.
  7. Sorry for the thread jack but can you cure in jars you get like apricots and shit in??
  8. Any air-tight jar will do.
  9. If you're using big jars, just leave some space so that you can tumble them within the jar to avoid the mold YoSmokinMan mentioned.

    And, make sure to burp as darwinphilosoph mentioned to allow that fresh air exchange.
  10. I DIDN'T READ THIS THREAD FROM PAGE 1. 1 Gallon jars with a lid large enough to get your hand in filled with pretty good pickles from sams club/costco, an inexpensive gasket from an auto shop store and you are out the door for under 10$. I thought there'd be a whole section devoted to curing. Bad curing can turn the best weed to crap. PATIENCE is a HUGE virtue.
  11. My girlfriend disagrees with your first line...
  12. − QuoteSHE DIDN'T COMPLAIN WITH ME, how about the rest of yall? Sorry but you left that door open. :rolleyes:

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